My iPhone 6 Plus shuts off and then turns back on by itself [How to Fix]

This content serves as our response to an email sender who has relayed to us an issue with her iPhone 6 device that shuts off or power cycles on its own. If you too are having the same problem on the same device, then you may likewise refer to the workarounds we’ve recommended in this post.

iPhone 6 Plus bootloopThe problem on automatic bootloop is more likely associated with power and battery issues on a device. The device may be turning off due to a low battery. So, to make sure this isn’t the culprit, please check your device and ensure the battery is fully charged or has enough power to stay alive and carry out specific tasks.

Ensure the device has enough power, otherwise, charge the battery.

If you see the battery needs to be charged, try to charge and then turn on your device. A quicker way to charge is by connecting your phone to a power outlet using the USB cable that comes with it and an Apple USB power adapter. You should see a small lightning icon displays next to the battery icon when it’s connected to a power source.

If the battery is extremely low on power, your iPhone may show a black screen for up to two minutes before one of the low-battery images shows up; so continue to charge the phone for at least 30 minutes or until it is completely charged.

Also try using other charging options and check the connections. If it doesn’t charge, try a different charger cable or power outlet adapter. Also ensure the wall outlet is active. You can test another electric appliance on it to make sure it’s working good. If not, then try using a different wall outlet.

Another way to charge your iPhone is using a computer USB port. Just make sure the computer is turned on. Also make sure the case is not preventing the charger cable from connecting to the device. Remove case if necessary. Finally, ensure there’s no lint or debris clogging the charger port on the device.

Perform a simple reboot/restart

If the battery has enough power, try to restart your iPhone (turn it off and the back on after a few seconds). The proper way to do this is by holding the power button down until the device powers off or until you see the power off options appear on the screen. Wait around 30 seconds and the hold the power button down until the device turns back on.

Check for any corrupt third-party applications recently installed

If a simple restart does not help, try to check for any third-party app that’s may be causing the problem and making your phone seems to have a battery issue. If you have downloaded an installed any applications just recently, prior to having this trouble, then it’s possible that the app could have a bug that’s causing your phone to power off unexpectedly. Or it could be that the app is consuming a large amount of battery. If this is the case, then try to uninstall the app you suspect and see if the problem is gone. This is a must-do especially if the issue started after installing a new application on your device.

Check and update to the latest software version available

If problem persists, try to check for any software updates available for your device and update software to the latest version. Doing so will ensure the best device performance. Make sure your device is backed up prior to updating though.

Check for any physical/liquid damages

It is also possible that your device has certain hardware fault resulting to automatic power off/on. Hardware faults could be due to any physical/liquid damages occurring on the device. If you suspect this is the case, then you may consider scheduling a technician visit for device repair.

Hope this helps.

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