My Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t turn on or start up [Troubleshooting]

For some reasons, a few owners/users of Samsung Galaxy S5 were having some trouble turning on or starting up their phone. In an attempt to extend our support to get this issue resolved, we’ve came up with this article that contains a systematic troubleshooting process to solve the problem.

samsung galaxy s5 wont turn on start up how to

If you too are having the same issue with your Galaxy S5, I encourage you to keep reading on this entire content. These methods have helped others resolved the problem, and we’re hoping this will do good for you as well.

VISIT: Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting Page

A. Troubleshooting Galaxy S5 that won’t turn on.

When you attempted to turn the phone on and it will not respond, follow this guide. It will walk you through a series of possible causes and solutions.

If your phone does not turn on, it’s likely because it is switched on properly. To eliminate this factor from the list of possible causes, be sure to insert your SIM and the battery in your phone properly before powering it on. Just to make we won’t miss a thing, follow these steps:

  • Press the On/Off key until your phone is powered on.
  • Enter your PIN (if applicable) and press OK to continue.

Hint: In order to protect your SIM from unauthorized use, we strongly suggest you to assign a PIN. Although you must note that if you enter an incorrect PIN three times consecutively, your SIM will be blocked. To prevent this, be sure to remember your PIN and enter it correctly.

  • If your device rejects the SIM, please contact your distributor or service provider from where you purchased your phone.
  • Now, turn off your phone. Again, just press and hold the On/Off key, select Power off and touch OK to power the phone off completely.

If problem continues after doing the above-specified instructions, the next thing you should do is to check the battery and make sure it is not flat. Remember, you cannot turn your phone on if the battery is flat. What you need to do? Of course, charge the battery. Be sure to do it properly. Here’s the standard charging procedure:

  • Connect the charger to your phone. Open the cover at the bottom of your phone, then connect the charger to the socket and to a wall socket. Wait until the battery charging icon shows and by that time, charging is already in progress. When you see the battery is already fullly charged, you can remove the charger from your phone and from the wall socket. Your phone should now be ready for use.

Hint: You can always see and check the battery power level on your screen. The bigger the colored section shown in the battery icon, the more power the phone has.

If the phone is fully charged, but still you cannot turn it on, it more likely that the phone is not assembled properly. Be sure to insert both the SIM and battery. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the back cover of your phone. The proper way to do this is to turn the back of your phone towards you and then take hold of the left side of the back cover to take it off.
  • Insert your SIM. Place the SIM as shown/instructed next to the SIM holder, and then sliding your SIM into the holder.

Once you’re sure you’ve inserted the SIM correctly, proceed with the battery. Insert the battery into your phone in a top first manner, which would match the battery contacts with the phone contacts. Press the battery into place. After ensuring the battery is in place, place the back cover on your phone and press it into place.

Now, try to turn on your phone again. If you still cannot turn it on, then you should now contact your phone distributor or carrier and escalate the issue with them. The problem could now be due to a hardware defect.

B. Troubleshooting Galaxy S5 that won’t start up.

The usual way to start up your phone is simply through entering your PIN. But if you cannot start up your phone, follow these troubleshooting guide.

Before you begin troubleshooting phone start up problem, be sure to check if your phone will turn on.

If you cannot turn on your phone, then you need to solve this problem first. You may refer to the prior troubleshooting Galaxy S5 that won’t turn on.

If you CAN turn on the phone but won’t start up, it is possible that your SIM is blocked. Your SIM will be blocked permanently if an incorrect PUK is entered 10 times in a row. If this is your case, you will need a new SIM to get your phone work. Please contact your carrier or service provider for further assistance on PUK or permanent SIM blocked issue on your Galaxy S5.

Another possible reason why your phone won’t start up is because the wrong PIN is entered. If an incorrect PIN is entered, your phone cannot start up. To prevent this issue, be sure to key in the correct PIN.

If your phone is asking for a PUK and won’t start up, it means you’ve entered an incorrect PIN three times. In this case, you need to enter the PUK. You have to be carefully though because if you enter the wrong PUK ten times, your SIM will be permanently blocked and you cannot start up your phone then.

We therefore recommend you to key in the correct PUK. If you have not received a PUK or do not know it, please contact your phone carrier and ask for your phone’s PUK.

Aside from incorrect PUK, your phone also won’t start up if your network is locked and you want to use a SIM from another operator or carrier. You will see a prompt telling you that your SIM is invalid, if this is the case.

In order to use a SIM from another operator, you have to unlock your phone using the unlock code. Unlock codes are usually provided by your carrier under certain conditions to be met.

If your phone still won’t start up after checking all the abovementioned factors, then it’s likely that the phone lock code is turned on. The phone lock code is used to secure your device from unauthorized users. If the phone lock is enabled or turned on, you will need to enter the lock code every time you turn on your phone. To ensure this is not causing the problem, then turn off the phone lock code.

Here’s how to turn phone lock code on/off the Galaxy S5:

1. Slide your finger down the screen starting from the top edge.

2. Touch the settings icon located on the upper right of the display. (It’s the one that looks like a wheel.)

3. Scroll to and touch Lock screen from the given options.

4. There are several types of phone lock codes you can create including a pattern, fingerprint, and PIN. Just touch to verify each screen lock options settings and see if which among them is enabled or disabled. To turn off use of phone lock code, just touch NONE from the given options under screen lock.

If all else failed to resolve the main problem, please contact your phone carrier and escalate issue of your Galaxy S5 that won’t start up.

Hope this helps.

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