One Solution to Galaxy S5 Bluetooth problem: Bluetooth Audio keeps cutting out

Highlighted in this content is one solution to a Galaxy S5 problem with the Bluetooth audio that keeps cutting out. The user is using multiple Bluetooth devices in which both of them cut out with the Galaxy S5 in car on the road. All work fine with his Nexus 5 or M7 though.

Galaxy S5 Bluetooth audio keeps cutting out

After performing rounds of searches through various relevant forum threads, we’ve come up with the following suggestions. We encourage you to keep on reading the entire content to learn how to resolve this issue on your end.

If problem occurs when Wi-Fi is enabled, then disable WiFi. There have been reports about Samsung’s sort of poor implementation of Bluetooth update (Bluetooth 3.0). This BT update purportedly integrates a new feature that is somehow causing Bluetooth data transfers to be spotty, thus affecting streaming data, voice calls and audio streaming.

And then it turned out that the only solution to this problem so far, is by turning off Wifi on the device.

But what if you’re going to use Wi-Fi again? 

One workaround we’ve found is by using an App called Setting Profiles. This app will automatically disable Wifi anytime when you are on a call and turns Wifi back on when the call is completed. The application will also note the state of Wifi before a call, so if WiFi is already disabled before a call, it won’t turn WiFi on when the call is ended. Another app that does the same thing is called Tasker. So you can have either apps as you desire.

For those who need help in setting up of the Settings Profile app on their phone, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings Profile Lite in the applications menu.

2. In Profiles press the Menu button on your phone and press New Profile.

3. Name the new profile Wifi Off, press OK, then under the profile settings uncheck Wifi, and then press Back on your phone.

4. Now under Profiles there should be a Wifi Off profile and it should have “Wi-Fi: Off” in the profile.

5. At the top select Rules.

6. Press the Menu button on your phone and press New rule.

7. Under conditions, add a new condition, Active Call, and when the prompt comes up select OK without selecting the inverse condition.

8. Under actions, add a new action, Activate Profile, leave priority Normal, select your Wifi Off profile, and press OK.

9. Press back on your phone a couple time to get back to the application screen and test it out. Your Wifi icon should disappear whenever you answer or make a phone call.

Hope this helps.

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