Print Files straight from your Galaxy Note Pro Tablet with Samsung Print

Need to print some files or documents on your Galaxy Note Pro tablet? Well, that should be easy with Samsung Print. Learn how to use this Samsung tablet feature by reading this entire content.

Using Samsung Print Samsung Galaxy Note PRO

Samsung printers are required when using Samsung Print on your Galaxy Note PRO device.

Here are the steps for you to use Samsung Print to print files on your tablet with Samsung printer.

1. Turn your tablet on to get started.

2. Open the gallery and select the document or file you want to print.

3. Tap the Menu button.

4. Select Print to proceed.

5. You will then be prompted with a menu with two print options (Google Print and Samsung Print). Tap to select Samsung Print from the given options.

6. Allow your tablet to automatically scan for a Samsung printer.

7. A screen containing the list of available printers will then appear. Select the printer you prefer to use.

8. Once you’ve selected a printer, tap the Print button. Doing so will initiate printing of the selected image or document on your tablet.

Wait until it’s all done and then get your printout. It’s that quick and simple!

Make sure the printer is connected to or on the same network as your tablet to avoid any issues. You can also use Wi-Fi direct as an alternative option.

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