Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues: Cannot Connect, Limited Connectivity, Cannot Browse [Troubleshooting]

One of the reported issues with the Galaxy S5 is on Wi-Fi connectivity, in which the Galaxy S5 users cannot connect to a wireless network while others can connect but cannot browse or with limited connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wifi Issues

These steps will help you determine and troubleshoot the underlying cause of the problem. To see if the problem is fixed, be sure to test connect after completing every step.

1. Start by checking on or verifying Wi-Fi settings on your Galaxy S5. 

Be sure to turn Wi-Fi on or enabled on your device. Follow these steps:

a. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
b. Scroll to and tap Settings.
c. Tap Wi-Fi to continue.
d. Turn Wi-Fi on or enabled. To do so, tap the Wi-Fi switch to ON.

2. Verify wireless network password entered is correct.

One of the reasons why you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network is due to an incorrect wireless network password. Make sure the password you entered is correct. Otherwise, remove and reconnect to the network to ensure the password you typed in is correct. Follow these steps to remove Wi-Fi network and reconnect it afterwards.

a. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
b. Scroll to and select Settings.
c. Tap Wi-Fi to proceed.
d. Tap and hold the preferred network.
e. Tap Forget network.
f. Tap on the available wireless network you want to connect to.
g. Enter or type in the correct password and then tap Connect.
h. Test to see if it goes through this time, otherwise, continue to step 3.

3. Perform a Soft Reset on your Galaxy S5. 

Follow these steps:

a. Turn your phone OFF.
b. Remove the battery for about 30 seconds (at least).
c. Re-insert the battery after the elapsed time.
d. Turn your phone back ON.
e. Connect to the Wi-Fi network and see if it goes through.

If problem persists after performing all the above methods, contact your Internet Service Provider and let them check for any possible network outages or ongoing network service disruption in your area.

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