Quick guide to transfer media files from Windows computer to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

You can share or move media files from a Windows computer to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device. Here’s a quick guide for your to get through the entire process.

Transfe media files from PC to Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1

Before you begin, you need to secure a functional USB cable to connect both devices. If you already have the USB, have the computer and your Samsung Tab ready and get started with the following steps:

Step 1. Connect one end of the USB cable from the tablet and the other end to the computer.


Some operating systems (OS) may require you to install USB drivers on the computer before you connect it to the tablet. You can look for the appropriate USB drivers for your device at Samsung website, if your device requires you to do so.

Step 2. When both devices are successfully connected, you will be prompted with an AutoPlay window on the computer. This indicates that the computer recognizes the tablet. Select Open device to view files from the given options under “What do you want Windows to do?” prompt.

Step 3. Click on the OK button to continue.

Step 4. A new window (My Computer) screen appears. Double click Tablet.

Step 5. You will then be prompted with the folders containing various files from your tablet. Drag and drop the desired files into or out of the desired folders.

Step 6. Wait until the file transfer is completed, then unplug the USB cable from both devices.

If you transfer files to be used as notifications, alarms or ringtones, be sure to place them into the appropriate folders so it will be easy for you to locate them later. It’s that simple!

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