Configure Backup and Reset Settings on Samsung Galaxy S5 [How to]

Factory data reset is a recommended last method to resolve certain issue in various mobile devices including the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is considered the “last resort” because doing so will remove or erase all your personal information from the device, so as all customized settings and the key for decrypting files stored on an optional memory card installed on the device. This means all files stored in the card can no longer be used after the reset. And since all deleted data cannot be recovered after the process, creating a backup is highly suggested before performing a factory data reset.

factory data reset samsung galaxy s5

Elaborated in this content are methods and steps to backup and reset settings on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Read on to learn more, including how a factory data reset is done on the device.

A. Methods to configure Backup and Restore Settings on Galaxy S5

As recommended, you may set options for backing up your data to the Google servers and back up your data to a Google account. You then can use the backed-up date to restore or retrieve information when you re-install an application or when you get a new device.

Follow these steps to configure backup and restore settings:

1. Tap on Apps from Home to get started.

2. Tap Backup and Reset option to configure backup features, including the following:

  • Back up my data – When enabled, this option will initiate automatic backup of files to a Google account. To turn on automatic backup to a Google account, tap to check the box for this option, and then set up an account wherein you can save the backups.
  • Backup account – When Back up my data is enabled, this option will let you set up a Google account for backups. You may opt to set up a new Google account or sign in to an existing account.
  • Automatic restore – When Back up my data is enabled, you can turn on Automatic restore to let the phone restore settings and other information from the backup automatically, when you re-install an application.

B. Steps to perform a Factory Data Reset on the Galaxy S5

Before you begin, ensure you already have created a backup of all your necessary contents to another device or to a Google account. If everything is set, then you may now proceed with the following steps:

1. Tap on Apps from Home.

2. Tap Settings to continue.

3. Tap Backup and Reset.

4. Select Factory data reset.

5. Select Reset device.

6. Select Delete All.

A hard reset should now instigate. It may take a few moments for your phone to complete the entire factory data reset process. Wait until it’s finished and you should see all settings on your device are returned to the factory defaults.

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