Restoring an iPhone 5 from previous backup [Quick Guide]

The process and output of restoring an iPhone from a previous backup is different from performing a full software restore on the device.

how to restore iPhone 5 from previous backup

The phone settings, data and other information saved in a previous backup will all be restored when restoring from a backup. On the other hand, when you perform a full software restore, all contents of your device will be deleted and the original factory settings will be restored.

You can restore your iPhone 5 from a previous backup using iTunes. You may refer to this quick and easy guide, in case you need help restoring your device.

1. First, secure everything you need to complete the backup restore, including a computer and your iPhone 5.

2. If everything is all set, connect your iPhone to the computer.

3. Now get to your computer and select your iPhone device. It should already be detected by the computer.

4. Click on the Restore Backup… button in iTunes. Please note, that this option will not be available in iTunes if no backups have been performed.

5. When prompted, read the Restore From Backup message, select a backup using the drop-down menu, and then click on Restore.

6. When until the backup is restored completely.

7. Read the iTunes prompt then click OK. Your iPhone 5 will now start to sync.

8. Wait until your device is completely synced.

When the restoration is complete, you can disconnect your iPhone 5 from the computer.
The above steps can also be used when restoring an iPhone 6 to a previous backup.

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