Samsung Galaxy S5 Assistant Menu Guide: Enable, Use and Edit Options

Assistant Menu is one of the features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that allows you to control the device without exploring the screen.

enable assistant menu on samsung galaxy s5

Launching of this feature will likewise activate the Single tap mode on your device. You should then see the assistive shortcut icon displayed as a floating icon, which provides easy access to the assistive menus from any screen.

In order to use the Assistant Menu, you have to enable the feature first. Follow these steps if you want to give this a try on your end.

How to enable Assistant menu on Galaxy S5

1. Tap on Apps from the Home screen.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Scroll up to Personalisation section.

4. Tap on Accessibility under Personalisation.

5. Next, tap on Dexterity and interaction.

6. Tap to select Assistant Menu from the given options.

7. Drag the slider next to Assistant Menu to enable or turn the feature on.

8. When prompted, tap OK.

And with that, you already have enabled the Assistant Menu on your Galaxy S5. An indication that the feature is already activated is the green slider next to Assistant Menu.

How to use Assistant Menu in Galaxy S5

Once you already have activated or enabled the Assistant Menu on your device, you then can perform any of the following actions:

1. Tap on the assistive shortcut icon. Doing so will let the icon expand slightly and the assistive menus show on the icon.

2. To move to other panels, just tap up or down arrow.

3. To select other menus, scrolll the screen up or down.

How to edit Assistant Menu options on Galaxy S5

Please note that the Assistant Menu options can only be edited when the feature is enabled. So considering you already have enabled Assistant menu on your phone, you may refer to the following steps to edit the available options.

1. Dominant hand – this option will let you move the assistive shortcut icon to a convenient location. SImply tap Dominant hand, under Assitant Menu to configure this option.

2. Now choose the convenient location or which dominant hand you prefer (left or right). After that, the Assistant Menu location will be changed from right to left.

To change or edit the options, simply tap on Edit, from the Assistant Menu options.

3. Next, edit the assistant menu settings by tapping on the option and then drag it to the desired location.

4. Tap on the icon you want to add to the Assistant menu, then tap on the Back button when done.

To remove an icon from the Assistant menu, simply tap on the Assistant Menu Remove icon.

5. To display contextual menu options for selected apps in Assistant menu, tap on Assistant menu plus option, then drag the slider right to enable or activate Assistant menu plus on your device.

6. After you enable the Assistant menu plus option, you can now deselect the option that will not use Assistant menu plus feature. Just remove the check mark from the box next to that option.

And that’s all about this guide on how to enable, use and edit, the Assistant Menu feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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