Samsung Galaxy Alpha S Voice app [Complete Guide]

Similar to its forerunner Galaxy devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha also comes with the S Voice application.

Galaxy Alpha S Voice Setup Guide

This content is aimed at helping those who are trying to use the S Voice on their new Galaxy Alpha.

Quick Overview on S Voice

S Voice is a tool that allows you to use your voice to perform operations normally done by your hand like dialing a phone number, sending a text message or playing music on your phone. Moreover, the S Voice will also let you ask your phone questions like “What’s the weather?” and then it will search for your requested information and show it on screen.

How to activate S Voice on the Galaxy Alpha

To use S Voice on your device, you will need to activate the feature beforehand. Follow these steps to setup and use S Voice.

1. Tap on Apps from the Home screen, then select S Voice. Alternately, you can just quickly double-press the Home key.

2. When prompted with the Welcome screen, tap on Next to continue to the next screen.

3. The next thing you’ll see will be the S Voice Disclaimer and Terms of Service screen. Read and review the information and then tap to mark the checkbox next to I agree, then tap on Next to continue.

4. To learn the basics of using the app, tap Tutorial. Otherwise, tap on Start S Voice to start using the application instead. If you chose to Start S Voice, speak to your phone.

Using S Voice app via Home key shortcut

Again, you can quickly access the S Voice feature by double-pressing the Home key on your device. If you can’t, then you may need to enable this option beforehand, to open S Voice using the Home key. Here’s how:

a. Tap on the More options icon (three-vertical-dots icon).
b. Select Settings from the given options.
c. Tap on Open via the Home key.

Common S Voice commands

Among the recognized S Voice commands or phrases include “What is the weather?,” “Play,” “Drive home,” and “Wake me up at (desired time),” to name a few.

Saying the “Drive home” command will let the application help you quickly navigate home. But you need to define your home address first, with these steps:

a. Tap on the More options icon.
b. Select Settings.
c. Tap on Home address.
d. Enter your home address, and then tap OK to save it.

To view more settings options on S Voice, tap on the More options icon, then select Settings.

Among other important S Voice settings and options you can use or configure would include the following:

  • Language – lets you change the language used in S Voice.
  • Hide offensive words – lets you configure your phone to hide potentially offensive words with asterisks.
  • About S Voice – lets you view quick information about the application like its software version.
  • Open via home key – lets you double-press the Home key to open or launch the application.
  • Voice wake-up – lets you open S Voice by saying your wake-up command. Say or use “Hi Galaxy” by default. One downside of enabling this option though is fast battery power consumption.
  • Auto start speakerphone – lets you turn the speakerphone on when using S Voice to make a call.
  • Show body of message – lets your phone show the content of a new message.
  • Check missed events – lets your phone check for missed events by the time you connect your headset.
  • Personal briefing – lets your phone read a brief review of your schedule aloud when you open S Voice.
  • Erase S Voice data – lets you remove or delete any S Voice data stored on the stored.
  • Home address – lets you define or change your home address for Driving home and Navigate Home voice commands.
  • Log in to Facebook – lets you log in to your Facebook account and post status updates/messages via S Voice commands.
  • Sign in to Twitter – lets you log in to your Twitter account and tweet messages via S Voice commands.

More S Voice features can also be accessed via More options.

Among the available features include Disable/Enable Voice Feedback, Example commands, Tutorial and Help.

  • Disable/Enable Voice Feedback is used to enable/disable the voice that S Voice uses in response to your commands. 
  • Example commands is used to view a list of actions S Voice can take and perform. To view different ways to ask your phone to take that action, simply tap on the action.
  • Tutorial is used to view or display information on how to use S Voice app on your device.
  • Help is used to get additional help or assistance in using S Voice.
And that covers everything in this guide. Hope this helps.

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