Two Ways to transfer Music files from Samsung Galaxy Alpha to a Mac device

“I want to transfer music from my Galaxy Alpha smartphone to another device running Mac OS.” — wondering if it’s possible? Well, yes it is. Read this entire content to learn how to get this done.

transfer music files from galaxy alpha to a mac device

The Galaxy Alpha is designed with the capability of transferring music or audio files either by using Android File Transfer or Samsung Kies 3 software for your Mac device. It supports music file formats such as AAC, XMF, WMA, RTTTL, RTX, 3GA, AMR, AWB, IMY, M4A, MIDI, MID, MXMF, OGG, OTA, OGA, FLAC, MP3 and WAV files. This means files ending with these extensions can be used or played in the phone.

How to Transfer music files via Android File Transfer

A free Android File Transfer app is offered by Google with installation instructions that are easier for all types of users to follow. But before you run the Android File Transfer application, you need to uninstall Kies for Mac first, or else the application won’t connect to your Mac device.

Instructions may vary depending on the version of Mac OS you are using. For Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, you would need to control-click or right-click on the icon for Uninstall, or click on Open. To grant access, click on Open again.

Specific instructions to uninstall Kies, download Kies for Mac software can be found in the Kies website, so you may have to check it out first.

Once you get there, locate Finder, then click on Go->Downloads-KiesMac_xxxx.dmg-> Uninstall.

After you have successfully installed the Android File Transfer, follow these steps:

1. Connect your Galaxy Alpha to your Mac device using the supplied USB cable.
2. When your devices are connected, open Android File Transfer app on your Mac device.

You should then be able to see the contents of your device, including those in the optional microSD card. If you can’t connect, then try to change the USB settings and connect both devices again.

Follow these steps to configure USB settings in your Galaxy Alpha:

a. Swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom. Doing so will open the Notification Panel.

b. Touch Connected as a camera.

c. Touch Media device (MTP). 

d. Configure the USB settings.

When your device is recognized, you should see the prompt Connected as a media device shown in the notification panel.

e. Scan the folder(s) containing your music files on the Mac.

f. Select the files your want to transfer or highlight all.

g. Drag and drop the files to your music folder on your Galaxy Alpha or optional microSD card.

h. Wait for the file transfer to complete and then you should see the selected music files are already on your phone’s music folder.

You may now open the Music app and then start playback on your phone.

Transfer music files via Samsung Kies for Mac

In order to use the Samsung Kies software on your Mac device, you need to download and install the Kies3 software first. After you’ve completely installed the Kies for Mac, proceed with the following steps:

1. Open the Samsung Kies on your Mac device.

2. Connect your phone to your Mac device using the supplied USB cable.

3. Wait for the device to connect. You will know if it connects because it will show in the left panel of the Samsung Kies. If you can’t connect, then try to configure the USB settings with the following steps:

a. Open the Notification panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.

b. Touch on Connected as a camera.

c. Touch on Media device (MTP) and then change or configure the USB settings.

Hint: The Notification Panel will display Connected as a media device when both devices are successfully connected.

d. On the Samsung Kies screen, click on Music under Library. It’s in the left panel.

e. Mark the checkboxes next to the music files you want to transfer to your device.

f. Click on Transfer to device. 

Note: You will be asked to select Internal memory or External memory if a microSD card is used or available.

g. Wait for the file transfer to complete, then your selected files should now be on your device.

Now, open the Music app to start playback and enjoy!

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