Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Issues [Workarounds]

This article will tell you the things that must be done when your Samsung Galaxy S5 will not charge, excessively hot to touch, connectors are bent, broken, corroded or pushed in on the phone or on the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging

Among the common reasons why charging problems occur on your Galaxy S5 would include the following:

  • Use of non-approved enhancements like a charger or battery on the device.
  • Liquid or physical damage is occurring on the device.
  • Faulty USB charging cable
  • Loose connection in power cord
  • Damaged charging port on the phone

Make sure any of the above reasons is not causing your problem.

Typically, the phone gets warm during long calls, when using data or charging. However, when it is excessively hot, like when it’s too hot to keep in contact with skin, we suggest you discontinue using the phone and take it to a nearby Samsung-authorized repair shop in your place for prompt evaluation and/or repair.

What must be done when you experienced any of the aforesaid issues associated with the GS 3 that is not charging?

The first thing you should do is to verify you are not using a third-party battery or charger. It is highly recommended to use all Samsung original equipment with your device, to avoid any physical damages or device conflicts to occur. Other charging accessories (third-party) may have different voltage parameters, thus causing your phone not to charge.

If you’ve checked and ensured everything is from Samsung and the problem persists, try using a different OEM or Samsung battery or charger (if available). If the issue stops when using another battery/charger, then it indicates that that the original battery or charger is damaged and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, continue with the following workarounds.

Check for any possible liquid damage on your phone. You can check the LDI or Liquid Damage Indicator, located inside the battery well and on the battery itself. LDI indicators have to be solid white or white with visible pink/purple X’s. If you happened to exposed your device to moisture, then the LDI will show a solid pink/purple/red color. In this case, you will need to take your phone for repair.

Liquid or physical damage on the Galaxy S5 handset and other Galaxy devices will not be covered by the Samsung Limited Warranty.

More workarounds for you to try on:

  • Check the charger and make sure it’s not causing the problem. Try to charge another Samsung phone using the same charger (if applicable). If the other phone is charging well, then it denotes the problem is not on the charger, and is more likely on the phone itself.
  • Check the charging port on your GS 5 handset. To do this, use a light, magnifying glass and a pointed wooden toothpick, then check if the charging port is in the center and not bent. If it’s bent, then try to make it straight again using the wooden toothpick. Do this carefully.
  • Make sure charging contacts are all clean. Sometimes, the phone won’t charge when the charging port is clogged with dirt. In this case, insert a small needle in the charging port and clean it carefully. Do this gently so the port does not get bent or damaged.

To see if your phone is properly charging or charging at its maximum speed, try to download and install Galaxy Charging Current Lite app on your phone available at the Play Store.

Using this app, you can check the battery charging electrical current of your Samsung Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S5.

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