Samsung Galaxy S5 error on taking picture using Burst Shot or Shot & More Mode [How to Fix]

There are some Galaxy S5 owners who have encountered certain errors when trying to take photos using the phone’s Burst Shot or Shot & More mode. Read on to learn how to fix this error, if in case you too have experienced the same trouble taking a picture with the S5 Burst Shot mode or Shot & More mode.

Galaxy S5 Burst Shot Shot More mode error

Problem Details:
An error popup
displayed when trying to take a picture using the Burst Shot or Shot & More
mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 and the phone cannot take a picture.

Possible Cause:
Such error in taking
photos using the Galaxy S5’s Burst Shot or Shot & More mode could likely be
due to invalid filename or camera folder name.
Given the possible
cause,  we can solve this problem with
the following workarounds:
  1. Please verify the Camera
    folder name
    within the device storage area.
  1. Rename the first character of
    the folder name to ‘Camera.’ You need to change it from lower case letter
    c’ to capital letter ‘C’ instead.
Here are the steps
to rename the folder name:
  1. Touch on the Apps menu.
  1. Select My Files to continue.
  1. Select DCIM.
  2. Touch and hold on the camera
    folder icon.
  1. Select the Option icon.
  1. Select Rename.
  1. Change the folder name from
    camera‘ to ‘Camera.’
That should fix the
Try to take a
picture again using Burst Shot or Shot & More mode on your Samsung Galaxy
S5. That should work fine this time.

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