Samsung Galaxy S5 Messaging Problems: Cannot Delete Messages

There have been reports about messaging issues with the Samsung Galaxy S5, in which the user cannot delete old SMS(text) or picture/multimedia(MMS) messages. When trying to, the user sees the phone seems to freeze or become unresponsive.

Messaging Problem Galaxy S5

We’ve researched on the problem and later come up with this recommended methods to troubleshoot and resolve this messaging issue with the GS 5 handset. If you are one of those who has the same trouble with the S5, please read on to learn how to get this issue fixed.

There are several reasons as to why you cannot delete SMS or MMS messages from your phone. And these are the most common:

1. You are trying to delete too many messages at once.

2. Messaging app is not functioning correctly or messaging app has certain issue affecting messages deletion.

3. Device software requires update.

Now that you’ve already determined the possible causes, we suggest you try to isolate the problem next. The following steps will help you identify which really is causing the issue to occur on your phone. Be sure to get these steps done first before you begin with the resolution procedures.

1. Check your phone and ensure it has no physical or liquid damage.

2. Be sure not to use a third-party messaging app on your phone. Using the default messaging app on the device is highly recommended to avoid any problems.

3. Visit Samsung website and check for any available software updates for your device.

Resolution Steps

When deleting old messages on your phone, we suggest you delete a few messages or threads at a time. Deleting a huge number of messages/threads may sometimes caused the phone to freeze. Also note that deleting multiple messages per conversation can take longer than expected and can likely cause the messaging app not to respond.

A. Follow these steps to delete individual or single (SMS) or (MMS) message on Galaxy S5

1. Touch the thread that contains the message you want to erase or delete.

2. Touch and hold the message for about one to two seconds.

3. After the elapsed time, touch Delete message.

4. Touch OK from the Delete prompt to confirm deletion of the selected message.

B. Follow these steps to delete message threads on Galaxy S5

1. Touch Menu from the conversation list, then touch Delete threads.

2. Touch each message thread you want to delete. Doing so will display a check mark next to each message you select. All the checked messages in the conversation will then be deleted.

3. Touch Delete.

4. Touch OK on the Delete prompt to confirm deletion of selected thread.

A faster way to delete a single message thread is by touching and holding the message thread from the conversation list.

You can also modify your phone settings to automatically delete messages. Here’s how:

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.

2. Touch Messaging to continue.

3. Touch Menu and then select Settings.

4. Put a check mark next to Delete old messages if unchecked. Otherwise, leave it as is.

5. Touch Text/Multimedia message limit. Please keep the number low.

The lower the number of SMS or MMS, the more often messages will be deleted.

6. Touch OK to complete the process.

If problem persists, try to clear application data.

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