Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem: Unable to receive SMS after software update [How to Fix]

There have been some reports about the Galaxy S5 phone that is unable to receive text messages (SMS) following a system software update. There’s no problem on sending out SMS though.

Same common  issue has been posted in relevant forums by S5 owners, in an effort to get their problem fixed.

After digging further on different forums over the Internet, we have acquired the best possible workaround. Read on to find out the recommended resolution to the Galaxy S5 problem on receiving SMS after doing a system software update:

Recommended Workarounds

To get started, reboot the phone and clear the cache. If available, use a different phone to send SMS to your Galaxy S5 and see if it’s able to receive the text message already. If not, then you have to consider doing a system reset on your device. This means resetting the GS5 to default factory settings.
But before you do so, be sure to back up all your important contents with kies first. While a factory data reset has been known to resolve majority if not all issues occurring on the device, doing so would also mean losing of all your personalized contents from the phone. This is why, creating of file backup has to be done prior to performing the actual factory reset. Doing so will allow you to retrieve and restore all important contents on your handset.

Here’s how to do a complete Factory Data Reset on the Galaxy S5:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select User and Backup.
3. Select Backup and Reset.
4. Finally, select Factory Data Reset to initiate factory reset.

That should resolved the problem on your Galaxy S5.

You may also contact Samsung Technical Support to let them know of the issue, since it occurred after doing a software update. That should give Samsung a heads-up on what problems to fix in their next software update rollout.

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