Samsung Galaxy S5 Unable to Connect to Kies via Wi-Fi [How to Fix]

in this piece are simple workarounds to deal with an issue on Samsung Galaxy S5
that is unable to connect to Kies through wireless (Wi-Fi) network. If you are
among the GS5 owners who cannot connect Kies to your computer over a Wi-Fi
connection or your computer does not show in the available list of Wi-Fi
devices, then please read on.
Samsung Galaxy S5 unable to sync to Kies via Wifi
Possible Grounds of the Problem
are many reasons as to why your Galaxy S5 is unable to sync to Kies via Wi-Fi
and the following appeared to be the most common causes:
  •        Kies does not support your device via
    Wi-Fi network.
  •     The wireless network where the
    computer is connected to is different from your mobile’s wireless network. Both
    devices have to be connected to the same wireless network for them to sync properly.
  •        Sharing is disabled on Windows OS.
  •        Certain computer application is
    disrupting the connection.

Basic Workarounds
that we already have determined the possible causes, we may now start
troubleshooting the problem.

Step 1.
Make sure your device is supported by Kies through Wi-Fi. Here’s how to check
on it:

Touch Menu from the Home screen.
Touch Settings to get to the settings
Touch Connections to continue.
Touch Kies via Wi-Fi.
NOTE: If Kies via Wi-Fi is not in the list, this
means that your device is not supported by Kies. Your next option is to connect
using the supplied USB/Charging cable for your device.
Step 2.
Check wireless network for both the computer and mobile device. Your Galaxy S5
and the computer has to be connected on the same wireless network for them to
NOTE: The computer has to be connected over Wi-Fi,
instead of LAN cable.
Step 3.
Check for any computer application, which likely blocks
communication/connection between Samsung Kies and your device. Computer
programs like firewall, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-virus and other
security suites are found to block Samsung Kies from accessing and transferring
information to your mobile device. As resolution, we suggest you to disable or
turn off these programs temporarily when you are encountering connectivity
Important Note:

sure you are following the correct steps when you attempt to connect to Kies
through Wi-Fi network. For those who need help in doing so, you may
refer to this

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