What to do when Samsung Galaxy S5 Cannot Connect to another device via S Beam/NFC

Problem Description:
Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot connect to another device using S Beam/NFC, thus I
cannot send/transfer any file to another device.

samsung galaxy s5 s beam nfc file transfer problem
Identifying Possible Causes
issue on GS5 that is unable to connect to S Beam/NFC could be due to any of the
following reasons:

when S Beam/NFC is disabled on either or both devices

when the smartphone is locked

connection is interferred by a third-party accessory

installation or use of a third-party battery in the device

files for transfer are copyrighted, thus file transfer not allowed

files for transfer are not stored on the device

incorrect lining up of the devices

outdated device software (software upgrade necessary)
First things First
these before you begin troubleshooting the main problem:
Step 1.
If you are using third-party accessories on your Galaxy S5 smartphone such as
back cover, cases or sleeves, be sure to remove all of them from your device.
Step 2.
Check the battery on your device and make sure it is a Samsung-approved
battery. It is highly recommended to use only the Samsung battery with
“Near Field Communication” printed on the battery label. Doing so
will ensure functionality.
Step 3.
Verify the file you are trying to transfer is locally saved on the device and
is not copyrighted.
HINT: Files that are stored on Google™ or media that
are downloaded from content providers like Samsung Hub, Blockbuster or Netflix
cannot be transferred through S Beam.
Step 4.
Re-attempt to connect through NFC by laying the phones back to back. Wait for
the connection beep to sound. If this won’t work, then try to set the phones
side by side on a flat surface like a table and move them closer to each other.
Wait for the connection beep to sound.
Step 5.
In case you haven’t yet updated your device software, please check for the
latest available softwares for your device and go for an upgrade. (Optional)
Steps on how to Enable S Beam function
on the Galaxy S5.
Go to the Home screen and touch the Menu icon.
Touch Settings to configure
connection properties.
Touch Connections to continue.
Touch S Beam to check if it is
currently enabled or not.
If disabled, touch the OFF slider to turn the S Beam ON. Otherwise, leave it ON.
Be sure to enable S Beam or NFC on
the device you want to share content with.
Test to see if file transfer via S Beam/NFC is working already.
Open your photo gallery and choose a picture to share.
Touch the devices together, back to back, with both of them unlocked.

HINT: Ensure both devices are in active mode, which
means both devices should not be in the lock screen or screen off mode. It is because
S Beam connection can only be made or established when both devices are active.
Remember that as part of the device’s security features, the NFC communication
is turned OFF when the device’s screen is locked or OFF.
A prompt saying “Touch To
will then show on the device you are sending the content from.
To start the beaming process, simply touch the content on the screen.
Separate the two devices when prompted and file transfer should now initiate.
Wait until file transfer is complete. If file transfer was successful, you then should see the content will display
on the receiving device’s screen.
NOTE: Transfer times may vary from a few seconds to
a few minutes, depending on the size of the file/content being sent.

the problem continues even after doing the aforesaid steps, then you may consider
resorting to a factory data reset. But also note that doing a Factory Data
Reset will erase all customized/personalized contents from your device. This
simply means a need for you to back them up before you initiate a factory

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