Two ways to update your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone iOS software

iOS 8.0 is here! Is your iOS device software updated already? 

iOS 8 update how to upgrade

Apple has just rolled out its biggest iOS release ever — the iOS 8, which comes with big updates to commonly used applications, including Messages and Photos, latest content sharing function, among others.

New features that come along with the latest iOS software update will let you perform even more with your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone device. If you want to go for an upgrade this time, then you may refer to this content. It will help you get through the entire firmware upgrade.

Important notes before you start:

* Updating to the latest iOS firmware can be done in two ways — (1) wirelessly or OTA (over-the-air) and/or (2) via iTunes. But before you proceed with the software update, we recommend you to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud first.

* Also ensure your device has enough space available to install the update. To check your device’s available storage space, tap on Settings, go to General and select Usage. If you no longer have enough space, you can use iTunes to create space, otherwise remove other unnessary contents from your device.

* Be sure to connect your device to a wireless network.

* Devices running on from iOS 4.3.x or earlier are required to update using iTunes.

Follow these steps to get the latest iOS 8.0 software update for your iOS device.

A. Over-the-Air (OTA) or wireless update

1. Plug in your iOS device to a power source.
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap on General.
4. Select Software Update. You will be prompted with the latest software update (iOS 8.0) for your device. Read/review the iOS details and tap on the Download and Install option, to begin downloading of the update.

It’s likely for updates to download automatically while your device is connected to a wireless network and a power source.

5. When the download completes, tap on Install. You can also choose to install the update later. Just tap on Later.

You may be prompted to enter the passcode prior to the update installation, if passcode is enabled on your device. Just enter the correct passcode to proceed with the installation.

B. Update your device via iTunes

This is an alternative means to perform iOS software updates on some devices that cannot be upgraded over-the-air, especially those using VPN or proxy connections. These types of connection might prevent your device from communicating with the iOS update servers.

Follow these steps if you’re unable to update wirelessly.

1. Be sure to use the latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you haven’t yet installed the latest iTunes version, then do it now.

2. Plug in your iOS device to your computer.

3. Go to iTunes, and then select your iOS device to upgrade.

4. Go to the Summary pane, and then click on Check for Update. iTunes will now initiate check for the latest update for your device software.

5. Click on Download and Update.

Wait until the update download is complete and you then should have the latest iOS software installed on your iOS device.

In case you encounter an error while attempting to update iOS software via iTunes, take note of the error code or alert message for further troubleshooting.

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