Ultimate Guide to Manage/Configure Kids Mode settings on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has designed its new Galaxy S5 smartphone with lots of fun features not only for adult users but also for kids, in a safe and secure manner. All you need is to activate or enable your phone’s Kids Mode and let your kids have fun using your device.

Manage Kids Mode settings Galaxy S5

With the Kids Mode feature, you can set some restrictions for your kids to only have access to apps and multimedia contents that best suit their age. Follow these quick steps to manage and configure your Galaxy S5 Kids Mode options.

In order to use Kids Mode, you will need to download the app through the Kids Mode widget on your device.

1. Get to the Home screen to get started.

2. Once you’re already in the Home screen, touch and hold an empty area of the screen. Doing so will prompt you with a new screen that contains Wallpapers, Widgets and Home Screen settings icons.

3. Touch Widgets to proceed.

4. Scroll to Kids Mode, then touch and hold the icon.

5. Keep holding the widget, and move it to the area where you want it to be added.

6. Release the widget to place it and make it appear on the Home screen.

7. Now touch Kids Mode.

8. If prompted, read the information and touch OK to continue to the download screen.

9. To begin installation, touch the Install button.

10. Wait until the application is completely installed, then touch Kids Mode to open it.


Before you start using Kids Mode, a security PIN must be created first.

11. Touch Set PIN to continue.

12. Enter a four-digit PIN.

13. Confirm your PIN by entering it again.

14. After setting up your PIN, start creating your kid’s profile.

15. Enter a Name and Data of birth.

16. Touch Next to proceed.


To add a photo or clip for your child’s profile image, simply touch the Profile photo icon.

17. Read and review the Disclaimer and touch Accept.

18. Now choose the applications you want your child to have access to. You are allowed to select up to 30 apps.

19. Touch Next to continue.

20. To exit Kids Mode, get to the Kids Mode home screen and double-touch the Exit icon.

21. Enter your PIN to confirm Kids Mode exit.

That should do it!

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