Samsung Galaxy S5 Browser Issue: Cannot View Website Contents with Chrome or Internet browser

This article contains commonly recommended methods to troubleshoot and resolve a browser issue on Samsung Galaxy S5, in which the user cannot view some web contents using their phone’s Internet or Chrome browser.

Galaxy S5 browsing issue cannot view webpage contents

What could possibly caused such browsing problem to occur?

When you’re having trouble viewing some website contents while using your phone’s Internet or Chrome browser, it could be due to any of the following reasons:
1. Network connection is inconsistent.
2. Network is congested.
3. Low signal strength.
4. Data speed reduction.
5. Internet browser bandwith limitations.
6. JavaScript has been disabled on the browser settings.
7. Pop-up blocking is enabled.
8. Browsers do no support Flash contents.
9. Image loading disabled.

What should be done first?

Now that you’re already determine the possible causes, you may now begin isolating which from the aforesaid factors is preventing you from viewing some website contents on your mobile browser.

1. Make sure the network is consistent or not intermittent when  you attempt to load or view a webpage content. In short, ensure your network connection is stable or does not disconnect often.

2. A high volume of users accessing the same website may also caused you browsing issues. In this regard, we suggest you try to access the website at some time later than peak times.

3. Verify if your device is getting adequate signal with at least two or three bars. Low signal strength could also caused such browsing problem to transpire.

4. Verify with your service provider if you have already reached data speed reduction, as well as your bandwidth limitations.

5. Check your browser settings and make sure loading of images, JavaScript and Flash contents are enabled. It could be that the page or content you are trying to access of view from a website contains image, JavaScript or Flash files.

6. Check browser settings and make sure to disable pop-up blocking.

7. If the problem occurs only when you are in a specific location, please contact your service provider and verify for coverage in the area where you are having problems.

8. Check whether you can access the website from a non-mobile device, like a desktop or laptop.

Resolution Methods

Follow these instructions if problem persists after performing the above methods. Get your Galaxy S5 handset and do the following:

1. Turn on Load images. 

Please note that disabling the loading of webpage images could also lead to missing some website contents. Follow these steps to turn on Load images on your phone:

a. Open the browser.
b. From the browser, touch Menu.
c. Go to Settings.
d. Select Bandwidth management.
e. Place a check mark on the box next to Load images.

2. Turn on JavaScript.

Missing website contents are commonly those webpages that contain JavaScripts. To avoid this problem, turn on or enable JavaScript on your phone browser with the following steps:

a. Open the browser.
b. Touch Menu from the browser.
c. Go to Settings.
d. Select Content settings.
e. Place a check mark to the box next to Enable JavaScript.

3. Disable or turn off pop-up blocking.

Some wepbage or links to contents are show throug pop-ups. If you have enabled pop-up blocking, then that’s when you experience missing website contents. To prevent this problem, turn off pop-up blocking on your mobile browser with these steps:

a. Touch Menu from the browser.
b. Go to Settings.
c. Select Content settings.
d. Remove the check to the box next to Block pop-ups.

4. Now try to view the content by opening it in a browser on the device. Simply go to Apps-> Internet, or Apps-> Chrome and then open a website and navigate to the webpage.

If problem continues, then try clearing Internet memory browser or clear RAM and Internet cache.

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