Manage Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5: Add, Edit, Delete, Save, Join Contacts

One of the reasons why several Galaxy S5 users encountered contact-related problems is due to improper contacts information management on their device. Many users complained about having contact problem in which a caller’s information does display properly in their recent calls. One of the reasons as to why they’ve encountered such problem is because the contact’s information is incomplete.

So in order to prevent having any contact issue on your Samsung Galaxy S5, we suggest you should properly manage and/or edit your contact’s details for them to display correctly.

Manage Contact Information Samsung Galaxy S5

Here’s a quick guide for you to manage contact details stored on your Galaxy S5 handset. Read on if you need further assistance in doing so.

A. Steps to Add/Edit/Delete/Save Contact Details on Galaxy S5

1. Get to the Home screen, to begin with.

2. Touch Contacts.


You can find contacts in the favorites tray by default. Another way to get to this menu option is by touching Apps and then select Contacts.

3. Open the contact you want to modify or edit, and then touch Edit at the upper portion of the screen.

4. You will get to see the primary fields to edit, including add, change, or delete information. Touch any of these fields, according to your preference.

More Hints:

  • To add a new field, touch the (+) sign or icon or Add another field option. 
  • To delete or remove a field, touch the (-) sign or icon.

5. To update the recent changes you’ve made, touch Save.

6. Now, look for contacts in your Call Logs, and then touch Phone at the bottom of the Home screen.

7. Finally, touch Logs at the upper portion of the screen.

B. Steps to Joining Contacts on Galaxy S5

You can also join multiple contacts with the same information on your GS 5 handset. Doing so will display the contact correctly on your recent calls.

Here are the steps:

1. Get to the Home screen and touch Contacts in the favorites by default. Another way is by touching Apps and then select Contacts.

2. Locate and touch the contact you want to join with another contact entry.

3. Once you’ve found and selected the contact, touch Menu.

4. Select Join contact.

5. Touch the contact entry you want to join this contact with.

6. Find these contacts in your phone’s Call Logs. To do so, just touch the Phone icon at the bottom of the Home screen, then touch Logs at the upper part of the screen.

That should do it!

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