Cannot Delete Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S5 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Generally, contact entries stored in your Galaxy S5 Contacts list can be modified or removed. However, there have been some reports about some Galaxy S5 users who are having problems deleting an entry in their Contacts list.

troubleshooting delete contacts problem samsung galaxy s5

I strongly advised you to read on this entire content, to find out what needs to be done when you cannot delete contacts entry on your GS 5 handset.

As usual, I recommend you should start determining the possible causes. Contacts issues with the Galaxy S5, including this one could likely be due to the following factors:

Main Factors:

  • Syncing online contacts is turned off or disabled.
  • Contact is resyncing to phone from an account.

Other Factors:

  • Mobile data is disabled, or you have your phone set to not use data when roaming while you are roaming.
  • Inconsistent network connection or network keeps disconnecting.
  • Phone is connected to a poor Wi-Fi network.
  • Device software requires update.
  • Network outage affecting services in your area.

Once you’ve determine the possible causes, you may now continue with problem isolation.

Be sure to do the following before you begin with the troubleshooting procedures. This will help you eliminate the possibility of the issue caused by connection or Wi-Fi network problems on your device.

1. In case the problem occurs only when you are in a specific location, be sure to contact your service provider immediately and check for coverage in the area where you are having issues.

2. Disable or turn off Wi-Fi on your phone. This is necessary because your device will not connect to the mobile data network if you are connected to a Wi-Fi access point. I know I’ve already elaborated these steps over and over in my previous posts but I will give it still for the sake of those who need help in the process.

a. Touch Menu from the Home screen to begin.
b. Touch Settings.
c. Touch Connections.
d. Select Wi-Fi.
e. Touch the ON/OFF slider next to Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi OFF, when necessary.

3. Visit Samsung website and check for any available software updates for your phone.

Once you’ve done all the above-said procedures, you may start troubleshooting the main problem.

Resolution Procedures

Contact issues with the Galaxy S5 or any other devices, usually occur when some settings are messed up.

Follow these steps to make sure you’ve properly configured synchronization settings on your mobile accounts.

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.

2. Touch Settings.

3. Touch Accounts.

4. Touch to select the account type that contains the contacts you want to sync with your phone.

5. In case you have more than one account listed, touch the account you want to sync.

6. Touch to place a check mark on the box next to Sync Contacts. Doing so will let your device start synchronizing the contacts immediately.

7. To exit the sync settings, touch the Back icon. Repeat the same steps for any other accounts if necessary.

8. Now get back to the Home screen and touch Contacts, in the Favorites tray (by default). Another way to get this done is by touching Apps, and then select Contacts to continue.

9. Touch and hold a contact you want to remove or delete from the list.

10. Touch Delete.

11. Touch OK to confirm deletion of selected contact.

If problem continues, continue with Clearing Application Data on your device. In most cases, clearing the applicationd data will help solve many device issues including this one.

Clearing data in the Phone application will not erase contacts saved to internal storage and won’t clear the logs that are already present before the process.

Steps to Clear App Data on Galaxy S5

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
2. Touch Settings.
3. Touch More.
4. Select Application Manager.
5. Swipe to the right of the screen to view ALL applications.
6. Scroll down and touch Contacts.
7. Touch Force stop and then touch OK to close the app.
8. Under Storage, touch Clear data to continue.
9. Touch OK to confirm clearing or deletion of app data.
10. Turn ON synchronization for one of your accounts. (Please refer to the above methods to enable or turn synchronization ON for one of your accounts).

If all else failed, then you may need to consider doing a factory data reset this time. However, you have to remember that while a factory data reset resolves many device issues, doing so will also remove or delete all your personal contents saved on your phone. In this regard, we strongly suggest you to backup all your necessary files beforehand.

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