How to Fix Infinix GT 10 Pro Screen Flickering

Infinix GT 10 Pro Screen Flickering

Noticing some annoying screen flickering on your Infinix GT 10 Pro? This bothersome display issue is often caused by problematic app animations, refresh rate mismatches, battery fluctuations, or overheating problems. Don’t panic – with some focused troubleshooting, you can pinpoint and resolve the root cause.

Infinix GT 10 Pro Screen Flickering

Typical triggers behind Infinix GT 10 Pro screen flickering include:

  • Buggy app animations disrupting display refresh cycles.
  • Incorrect screen refresh rate settings causing refresh mismatches.
  • Low battery power or overheating triggering screen issues.
  • Outdated device software needing system updates.
  • Temporary display driver malfunctions.
  • Proximity sensor or ambient light sensor defects.

Here are effective solutions to try when experiencing screen flickering on the Infinix GT 10 Pro:

Disable Transition Animations

Turn off all fancy transition animations which can interfere with screen refresh rates and cause flickering.

Animations put additional load on the GPU, which can disrupt screen refresh cycles, creating visible flickering. Disabling animations prevent this graphics conflict.

To turn animations off:

  1. Go into your Infinix GT 10 Pro settings.
  2. Tap Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures.
  3. Disable all animation options like Popup Window Animation.
  4. Alternatively, install a third-party app to disable animations system-wide.

Adjust the Screen Refresh Rate

Set the screen refresh rate to 60Hz – higher rates beyond native specs can also flicker.

Using a refresh rate too high for the panel can overwhelm it, resulting in visible flickering. 60Hz matches the GT 10 Pro’s display capabilities.

To change settings:

  1. Go to Display Settings.
  2. Tap on Refresh Rate.
  3. Select Standard (60Hz) – avoid higher rates.
  4. Alternatively, use Auto Select to let the system pick the best rate.

Check for Overheating Issues

Dirty or dusty internal components can cause overheating that disrupts the display.

Excess heat throttles phone performance, potentially interfering with screen refresh cycles. Inspect for problematic hot spots.

To check for overheating:

  1. Open the phone case and inspect all internal parts.
  2. Look for obvious dirt, lint, or dust buildup that can cause overheating.
  3. Use compressed air to safely blow out any debris found.
  4. Replace any malformed or damaged components.

Following this dedicated troubleshooting guide should stop annoying screen flickering on your Infinix GT 10 Pro. Be sure to also keep your device software up to date and avoid prolonged exposure to heat to minimize display issues.


  1. Q: Why does my phone screen keep flickering?

    A: Frequent screen flickering is most often caused by incompatible app animations, incorrect display settings like refresh rate, low battery/overheating, outdated software & drivers, hardware defects, and refresh rate mismatches between content fps and screen specs. Adjusting animation settings, lowering refresh rates, updating software, and resolving hardware issues can help.

  2. Q: How can I get my laptop screen to stop flickering randomly?

    A: For laptops, sudden screen flickering is typically due to the display cable becoming loose or damaged, outdated display drivers needing updates, battery issues causing power instability, overheating problems, and bugs in graphics settings. Reconnecting or replacing cables, updating graphics drivers, cleaning dust to prevent overheating, and adjusting display settings like brightness can help troubleshoot laptop flickering.

  3. Q: What should I do if my phone screen starts flickering even after a factory reset?

    A: If a factory reset doesn’t fix Android screen flickering, the issue is likely hardware-related. Causes can include a faulty LCD display or damaged display cables needing replacement, proximity or light sensors malfunctioning, low internal storage causing graphics lag, and failing GPU components. Back up data and visit a repair center to have the faulty hardware inspected and replaced to permanently resolve unfixable flickering.