How to Fix Galaxy Watch5 Overheating While Charging

galaxy watch5 overheating while charging

Finding your Galaxy Watch5 getting uncomfortably warm or hot while charging is concerning. Excessive heating during charging can degrade the battery faster over time. Don’t worry though – in most cases, overheating can be prevented with a few simple usage adjustments and troubleshooting steps.

fix Galaxy Watch5 overheating while charging issue

It’s reasonably common for smartwatches to heat up slightly when charging, especially if fast charging. But consistent overheating points to an issue needing attention. By optimizing the charging conditions and settings, you can keep your Galaxy Watch5 operating at safe temperatures. Read on to understand what’s causing overheating and how to cool things down.

Common Causes of Galaxy Watch5 Overheating While Charging Issue

Some typical factors that can lead to a Galaxy Watch5 getting hot while charging include:

  • Using an incompatible or defective third-party charger.
  • Poor contact between the charger and watch due to debris.
  • Charging in direct sunlight or high ambient temperatures.
  • Buggy apps running aggressively in the background.
  • Watch face displaying heavy animations or graphics.
  • Brightness set too high during charging session.
  • Limited airflow to watch if bands are tight.
  • Outdated watch software needing optimizations.
  • Hardware defect causing abnormal current draw.

Troubleshooting Galaxy Watch5 Overheating

If your Galaxy Watch5 heats up excessively while charging, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Use Official Samsung Charger

Use the original Samsung charging cable and adapter that came with your watch. Don’t use any lower-quality third-party chargers.

Charging with Samsung’s cable:

  • Connect Samsung charging base to adapter
  • Dock watch properly onto charging coils
  • Ensure stable green charging light

Check Charging Contacts

Inspect charging contacts for any debris or residue buildup preventing proper power transmission. Gently clean with microfiber cloth.

Cleaning charging contacts:

  1. Remove watch from charger
  2. Use microfiber cloth to gently wipe charger coils
  3. Also wipe underside charging pins on watch
  4. Check for any obstruction in port

Charge in Cool Location

Do not charge your Galaxy Watch5 in excessively hot conditions like direct sunlight or hot vehicles. Charge in controlled room temperature surroundings.

Charging in a cool environment:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the watch when charging
  • Do not charge on soft surfaces restricting airflow
  • Power off watch before charging if very hot

Disable Background Apps

Apps running indefinitely in the background during charging contribute to overheating. Force close non-essential apps before charging.

Closing background apps:

  1. Swipe down to open app drawer
  2. Long press an app icon and select Close
  3. Repeat for other inactive background apps
  4. Then place watch on charger

Lower Screen Brightness

Keep screen brightness minimal when charging the watch. High brightness levels make the display work harder when not needed.

Reducing screen brightness:

  1. Open quick settings panel
  2. Drag brightness slider left to reduce
  3. Consider turning on Theater Mode

Loosen Band

Slightly loosening the watch band provides more airflow around the watch body while charging. Avoid tight fits trapping heat.

Allowing better airflow:

  • Loosen watch band one notch before charging
  • Ensure charging base allows ventilation underneath

Update Watch Software

Installing the latest Galaxy Wearable app and watch software updates can optimize charging performance and heat management.

Updating your watch software:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone
  2. Go to Watch software update
  3. Download and install latest updates

Contact Samsung Support

If overheating persists after troubleshooting, contact Samsung for diagnostic testing, as an internal hardware defect may be causing abnormal heat generation.

Getting manufacturer diagnostics:

  1. Backup data and contact Samsung
  2. Request evaluation for overheating during charging
  3. Arrange to send the device in for inspection
  4. Discuss repair and replacement options

With proper precautions, you can prevent excessive heating while your Galaxy Watch5 charges. But don’t hesitate to seek support for hardware-related overheating issues.


  1. Why does my Galaxy Watch5 get hot while it’s charging?

    Excessive heat during charging is often caused by using lower quality third-party chargers, blocked charging contacts from debris, direct sunlight exposure when charging, too many background apps running, watch faces with heavy graphics, high brightness levels, tight watch bands restricting airflow, or defective hardware.

  2. What temperature is considered normal when charging my Watch5?

    Some mild warmth is expected when charging, but the watch should not exceed 100°F (38°C). Consistent heating over this temperature indicates an issue needing troubleshooting. Uncomfortable hotness is not normal.

  3. How can I keep my Galaxy Watch5 cool when it’s charging?

    Use the official Samsung charging cable and adapter, clean charging contacts, charge in a shaded cool location, disable background apps before charging, lower screen brightness, loosely fit the band to allow airflow, update watch software, and contact Samsung if hardware defects are suspected.