How to Resolve Galaxy Watch5 Slow Charging Speed

galaxy watch5 slow charging speed

Has your Galaxy Watch5 started taking much longer than normal to fully charge? Slow, sluggish charging is often caused by defective chargers, bad connections, battery issues, temperature extremes, or software flaws. With focused troubleshooting, you can determine the cause and restore faster charging speeds again.

Galaxy Watch5 Slow Charging Speed

We rely on our smartwatches daily, so it’s understandable to be frustrated when charging starts taking hours instead of the usual minutes. Don’t lose hope yet—slow charging can often be fixed with simple cable replacements, connection adjustments, battery resets, and software updates. Identify and address the specific factor hampering your Watch5’s charging speed.

Common Causes

Typical causes of Galaxy Watch5 charging slowing down include:

  • Loose or defective charging cables no longer making good contact.
  • Heavy usage and battery heat prior to charging.
  • Outdated watch software needing new firmware updates.
  • Internal battery issues like worn-out cells.
  • Moisture or corrosion inside the charging port.
  • Incorrect or incompatible third-party chargers.
  • Extreme ambient temperatures during charging sessions.

Troubleshooting Procedures

Here are systematic troubleshooting tips to restore faster charging speed on your Galaxy Watch5:

Inspect Cables and Ports

Check charging cables and ports for any dirt, damage, or wear preventing optimal power delivery.

Debris or bent/broken pins cause inadequate electrical contact required for fast charging. Inspect closely.

To inspect:

  1. Unplug cables and visually check for any bent or corroded pins.
  2. Use compressed air to clear any dirt from the port and cable contacts.
  3. Plug the cable in and wiggle to check for looseness, indicating a poor connection.
  4. Replace official Samsung charging cables if defects are found.

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Reset Your Watch

Power your watch off and on again, which can reset anomalies with charging components.

Resets clear any temporary glitches that may be slowing down charging processes and speeds.

To reset:

  1. Hold down the side key to power off your Watch5 completely.
  2. Wait 30 seconds minimum before powering back on.
  3. Check if charging time improves after this power cycle reboot.

Update Watch Software

Install available software updates which may fix charging bugs and optimizations.

Samsung continually updates watch firmware to fix issues and improve performance. Updating provides the latest fixes.

To update:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone.
  2. Select Watch Software Update from the menu.
  3. Download and install any pending updates available.
  4. Check the charging time again after updating.

Replace Battery

If Galaxy Watch5 battery capacity has degraded significantly, the lower efficiency results in longer charging times.

Worn batteries take longer to recharge due to chemical limitations. Check battery health via Samsung diagnostics.

To check the battery:

  1. Download test/diagnostics apps from Play Store.
  2. Follow app directions to measure battery capacity.
  3. Capacity lower than 80% likely needs replacement.
  4. Order and install a compatible Galaxy Watch5 battery.

With consistent charging care and optimization, you can maintain fast charge times on your Galaxy Watch5. Contact Samsung support if issues persist.