Galaxy S5 Firmware Update Error: Samsung Kies shows Device Not Supported for Update

Samsung Kies Galaxy S5 Firmware Update Error
The issue
on Samsung Kies app, showing there is a device firmware update available
for your Samsung Galaxy S5 but it is saying the Kies update service cannot
update your device.

In some
instance, your device is showing an update but the update does not appear in
Some GS5
owners are prompted with an error message saying their device is supported by
Kies, yet the Kies shows that the firmware updates are not supported on their
reason as to why you are getting these error prompts is that your device you
are attempting to update may have a firmware update available but it is either
not permitted to update through Kies or the device itself is not supported by
the Kies update service, at that moment.
alternative option, please try to update your device using over-the-air (OTA). 

  1. Touch
    the Menu icon from the Home screen
  2. Touch Settings to continue
  3. Touch
  4. Touch
    About Device
  5. Touch
    Software Update to check for any firmware update available for your device.

carriers would require your device to use an active SIM card to be able to
connect to the carrier’s wireless network so as to access the OTA update.
solutions, in case you don’t want to use the over-the-air option:

1. Attempt
to use Kies again at a later time. Typically, supported devices are being added
2. Verify
with your carrier if there are any other additional options available to you
for firmware updates.
3. Call
Samsung Support for additional update options for compatible with your device.

Let us know if problem persists, so we can assist you further. You may reach us via email at: or post your concerns on the comments section. 

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