How to get your Galaxy Gifts on Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Galaxy Gifts offers you a lot for less. Want to avail of the Galaxy Gifts offers on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S? Well, we got you covered.

Getting Galaxy Gifts on Samsung Galaxy Tab+S

Follow these steps to receive your Galaxy Gifts on your Tab S.

1. Turn your Tab S on.

2. Swipe the screen left or right until you will be prompted with the Galaxy Gifts widget.

3. Tap on the Galaxy Gifts widget and you will be prompted with a new pop-up.

4. You may opt to download all the apps or just select the ones you want to have on your tablet.

You will be prompted with a login pop-up, if you did not sign in or up for a Samsung account on the initial screen setup.

It is highly recommended to create a Samsung account to get the most of your new Samsung device.

Galaxy Gifts is a collection of the exclusive and most premium mobile contents, available for free on your Galaxy devices, including the new Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Tab S.

Typically, Galaxy Gift applications state they are Galaxy Gifts. If this does not show in the PlayStore, then you may be subjected to some fees or charges. To make sure you do not get charged for an app, use the Galaxy Gifts widget instead.


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