How to Reset/Clear Data on Samsung Galaxy S5 Swype Keyboard

Here’s one thing you should do, in case you are having some troubles using the Swype keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Clear Data Swype

Reset the keyboard

Data Reset have often resolved certain issues on many Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S5. This is the reason why it is among the recommended procedures in troubleshooting certain problem occurring on the device.

Important note:

When you clear data in the Swype app, Swype will reset to factory default settings. This means all your customized settings will also be erased in the process. So please be guided.

1. Go to the Home screen to get started.

2. Touch on Menu.

3. Touch Settings to continue.

4. Select More.

5. Touch Application manager.

6. To view All apps, swipe to the right.

7. Scroll down and touch Swype.

8. To close the app, touch Force Stop and then hit OK.

9. Proceed by touching on Clear Data under Storage.

10. To confirm deletion of app data, touch OK.

Wait until clearing of data is completed. And that should do it.

The aforesaid steps are recommended especially when you experience issues like random crashing/closing, or slow or sluggish response when using the Swype keyboard on your phone.

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