What should be done when you cannot use Samsung Galaxy S5 Wake-Up Command?

Samsung’s latest Android flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 is integrated with a number of security features including the ability to recognize wake-up command to unlock via S Voice, to perform a predefined function, or wake up S Voice in the application.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Wake Up Command Problem

While it indeed is a great feature for such a smartphone, some owners of the Galaxy S5 are not able to use wake-up command for unlocking their device.

If you too have encountered the same problem when using your phone’s wake-up command, we got here some workarounds for you to try on.
Let’s get started on verifying your phone’s Wake Up in Lock Screen settings. Follow these steps:

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen.
2. Touch Settings.
3. Touch My Device.
4. Touch Lock Screen.
5. Select Screen Lock to get to the screen lock settings.
6. If you have a screen lock set up other than Swipe, provide the requested security unlock information and touch Continue.
7. You will be prompted with a list of options. Select Swipe from the list.
8. Go back to the Home screen and touch Apps this time.
9. Touch to select S Voice under Apps.
10. Touch Menu to proceed.
11. Touch Settings.
12. Put a check mark next to Wake Up in lock screen option.
13. Touch Set Wake-Up command to record a custom wake-up command for your device.

Your Galaxy S5 handset uses the phrase “Hi, Galaxy” as the default wake-up command.

14. To record a new word or phrase, touch Wake Up S Voice. When you are recording a new word or phrase, you will be required to repeat the command four times.


The wake-up command only becomes available when the Swipe screen lock is selected on your device. If the phone does not recognize any of the four attempts, you will be prompted with a message to start over and repeat the word or phrase you are trying to set up as your phone’s wake-up command. Once done, skip to the next step.

15. Touch Wake-up function.
16. Select from the available list of functions.

You will be required to record a new word or phrase for the function. You will be given a total of four functions in which you can set a task.

Wake Up in S Voice set up

When you are in the S Voice application, follow these steps to enable the wake-up command on your phone.

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.
2. Touch to select S Voice.
3. Touch Menu.
4. Go to Settings.
5. Put a check mark next to the Wake up command option.
6. Touch Set wake-up command to record a custom wake-up command.
7. Say your wake-up command set to wake up S Voice.
8. Wait for the beep and say a command to enable the feature.
9. Once recorded successfully, touch Wake-Up S Voice or any of the wake-up functions to Listen to my voice, Change function, Change command or Reset.

Here are some tips to help you get the best results when recording a wake-up command:

1. Check the microphone and ensure it is free of any obstructions like a case or cover.
2. As recommended, limit your new wake-up command to 3-5 syllables and maintain a constant pitch.
3. When recording a new voice command, hold the phone around 11 inches to 20 inches away from your face.
4. Speak the words clearly and in a concise tone.
5. When recording a new command, do it in a place with little to no background or ambient noise.

Again, please note that the wake-up command will only function if you are in the S Voice app or in lock screen.

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