Monitor and extend Battery Life in your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery app

The Galaxy S5 has an application called Battery, which allows you to view which apps and features use the most battery power on your phone.

reduce battery power consumption in galaxy s5

In case you haven’t yet tried using this application, here’s a help for you to launch and view the Battery application on your Galaxy S5.

1. Touch Apps from the Home screen to get started.

2. Touch Settings to continue.

3. Select Battery.

4. Now touch an app or feature in the list to view more information or details, and access its settings.

You can close an app by touching Force stop while viewing additional information for certain application.

More Battery Life Saving Tips for your Galaxy S5

There are options you can use to conserve battery power in your Galaxy S5. All you need to do is customize these options to reduce battery consumption. You can also deactivate certain applications so you can use the device for longer between charges. All these can be done through the Task Manager.

Among the available actions you can do in the Task Manager that would help extend battery life in your device are as follow:

1. Discontinue use of live wallpapers.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi feature when not in use.
3. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.
4. Turn off Mobile Data connection when not in use.
5. Turn off GPS when not in use.
6. Adjust/lower backlight time.
7. Adjust/lower screen brightness or use automatic brightness instead.
8. Turn off haptic feedback.
9. Disable auto-syncing of accounts when unnecessary.

Another way to reduce battery consumption and extend battery life is to use Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Also, proper charging of the battery can also help extend battery life of your device.

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