Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Mirroring: No Picture/Black Screen Problem Solutions

Problem Details
”When I tried to connect to my Samsung Smart TV or AllShare Cast
Wireless Hub, I cannot see a picture on the screen. There’s no display.”
Galaxy S5 screen mirroring AllShare Cast Wireless Hub
Problem Causes
screen or no picture problem when connecting to Smart TV could be due to any of
the following:
– The
content you are trying to share is protected with Digital Rights Management
(DRM) copy protection
– Firmware
or mobile device’s software requires an update
– Improper
connection between the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub and the Smart TV
– Another
mobile device is currently connected to or paired with the AllShare Cast
Wireless Hub

Incorrect video input settings on the Smart TV
– A
temporary device issue
First Things to Work On
1. Perform
a soft reset on your mobile device. Here’s how:
– Remove the battery from the device
with it still on.
– Wait for a minute then replace the
– Power on the device
2. If you
think your device software requires an update, please check for available
software updates for your device via and go for an upgrade
3. Verify
if the file you are trying to share is not DRM-protected.
may be able to view the content on your mobile device but it will not be shared
to the TV’s screen because it is protected.
Typical Workarounds
A. Connect your HDTV to the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. Here’s
1. Get the
travel charger and connect it to the power socket on the AllShare Cast Wireless
Hub. Wait until the status indicator turns red (usually takes around three or
four seconds to appear).
2. Get an
HDMI cable and connect it to the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub and to the HDTV.
3. To
match the input port currently used by the HDMI cable, change/alter the source
input on your HDTV.
4. Wait
until the status indicator starts to blink red and press the RESET button.
Doing so will trigger the status indicator to turn blue.
5. On your
GS5 device, touch the Menu icon, go
to Settings, select Connections and finally, touch Screen Mirroring.
6. Locate
and touch the OFF slider to turn the
Screen Mirroring ON.
7. When
prompted with the list of available devices under Screen Mirroring then locate and select the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. You should now be seeing the name displayed
on your HDTV.
8. Now
that your device is already connected, your screen will now be shared
automatically. An indication that you’ve successfully established a connection
is a monitor/screen icon that shows up at the top of the mobile device’s
screen, in the notifications area.

B. If problem continues, then try to
pair the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub
with another device. This will help you determine what, where, or which device
is really causing an issue.

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