Austrian Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner breaks YouTube record

More than 8 million people have watched yesterday the live stream on YouTube of the space jump of the Austrian Felix Baumgartner. Never before the site went live many visitors simultaneously.

Also on Twitter and Facebook killed records. A photo of the landed Baumgartner, sponsored by Red Bull on Facebook was put, was within 40 minutes for more than 29,000 times shared. On Twitter had during the jump for more than half of all subjects in the Trending Topics Worldwide anything to do with the record.

I’m coming home

Baumgartner began his freefall at an altitude of 39,045 meters 20:07 o’clock Dutch time. In addition, he spoke the now famous words: “I’m coming home.” After four minutes and 18 seconds he opened his parachute and after 10 minutes he landed. Comparison: the journey up, with a helium balloon, lasted 2 , 5 hours.

Baumgartner also broke a number of non-digital records, including the highest jump from a platform. He is the first man outside an aircraft or spacecraft has broken the sound barrier.

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