How To Import Google Contacts to Galaxy S3

I found your email address on drippler and there was an article which encouraged users to ask questions about their Galaxy S3. I’ve had a serious issue with the contacts app on my galaxy, as well as the sms, and call logs- all my contacts seem to be disappearing and reappearing. They reappear when I restart the phone, and after a couple of texts, they disappear. When they disappear, I check my phonebook and it displays no contacts! I tried to research the issue and I found some things that have helped other users, but none have been able to fix my problem.

Some of the things I have tried:

-deleted my google account (My google account is where I have all my contacts stored, nothing is in the phone or SIM). Disconnected from wifi, then deleted all the cache, rebooted phone twice, and then re-synced. No Success.

-deleted all my accounts, (I have three gmail accounts on there-only one that has contacts, a samsung account, and a whatsapp), then tried just the google account that has all my contacts stored. No Success

-tried to change roms (My phone is rooted as advised by drippler), tried to change kernels, don’t want to revert back to an older android version because I am so used to the new one. Don’t want to go back to stock because there is no tethering. No Success

-Factory reset is my last resort, but I have customized my phone way too much that I would like any other option available!

I know this is an ongoing issue with the Galaxy S3 community, so if you can post a solution to this, that would be highly HIGHLY appreciated. Thank you for your time- reading my long email.


Hilik Hunter

Thanks for a detailed email Hilik.

It seems to me like you’re a very handy person (you could even be more techie than I am) and I believe you’ve done a lot of things in your phone to resolve this issue. There’s one thing I want you to try if you haven’t done it–enable contacts sync. Here’s how:

    From the Home screen, tap on Apps then launch Settings.
    Scroll down to and tap on Accounts & Sync.
    Tap the account you want to sync and choose (check) which information (contacts, calendar, photos) you want synced into your phone.
    Go back to Accounts & Sync and turn the slider from Off to On.
    Sync will start as soon as you turn that slider on.

If the issue persists after doing the above procedure, try the following.

    Backup contacts in your phone if there’s any.
    Delete all your contacts.
    Now log in to your Google account (via the computer) and go to Google Contacts.
    In there, you will see all your contacts that were saved or attached with your Google account. Click on the small arrow beside “More” button and choose Export.
    A small window pops up asking you to choose which group or contacts you want export. Choose All Contacts to export everything.
    Choose an export format: Google CSV, Outlook CSV and vCard. Go with vCard.
    Click Export.
    Download the file into a directory you can easily find.
    You may now connect your Galaxy S3 with your computer and copy the exported file into your phones built-in memory. Save it in the root directory.

10. Disconnect your phone from your computer.

11. Open Contacts app in your phone.

12. Press the Menu button and choose Import/Export option.

13. You will now be asked to choose from the following: Import from SIM card, Import from storage, Export to storage, and Share visible contacts.

14. Choose Import from storage. The phone will automatically search for the vCard in your phone’s memory and import contacts once found. Depending on the number of contacts, it may take a little while.

15. Viola! Your contacts are now saved in your phone!

I hope this helps. Do let us know if this works.

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