How to download apps and games on my Samsung Galaxy S4


If you are planning to populate your new Samsung Galaxy S4 with more apps or games, then do it by visiting Samsung Apps first. It’s a marketplace that was formally opened to serve Samsung mobile users in June 2010, offering a wide range of mobile apps that are exclusively developed for Samsung Mobile Phones. Just in case you need help in downloading apps and/or games to your SG4, you may refer on to this quick guide we provide.


You have to set up a Samsung Account first so you can use Samsung Apps and download contents on your device afterwards. Once you’ve got your Samsung Account set up, you may now access the online store using the following steps:

Step 1. From the Home screen of your device, touch Samsung Apps (bottom-right corner of the S4 main screen).

Step 2. Locate and touch Downloads from the next screen.

Step 3. Locate and touch Samsung Apps from the next screen that appears. You will then be prompted with the apps splash screen, followed by a Disclaimer screen.

Note 1: A disclaimer screen only shows up if this is the first time you load or open the application.

Step 4. Be sure to read and understand the Disclaimer content before you proceed. Once done, you may now touch the Accept button to continue to the next step (Step #5).

Note 2: If you’ve already set up your Samsung Account on your GS4, then you will be signed in to Samsung Apps automatically after opening the application. In case you’re not signed in yet, do this:

a. Touch Menu.
b. On the next screen, enter your email address and password to sign in.

Step 5. After Accepting terms and conditions on the Disclaimer screen, the Samsung Apps screen, containing featured and more top apps will appear. Just look for the app/games you wanted to download to your S4 device.

You can also touch the Search icon for you to search a specific content or simply type the name of the app you wanted to download.  Search results will then automatically be displayed as you key in your search.

Follow the same steps the next time you download apps from Samsung Apps to your new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

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