Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S3 That Keeps Freezing

This is a troubleshooting guide for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that freezes without apparent reason. While we know that there are different reasons why a unit freezes, this guide will shed light to the questions some of you may ask. But just so we're clear, a troubleshooting guide may help find the culprit but it doesn't guarantee a fix. However, we will try our best to be able to address most of the issues that cause the freezing on Galaxy S3.

This post is based on emails we received from our readers who were complaining about the problem. We did receive at least 320 emails related to the problem. We categorized those emails and we're able to abstract a list of possible causes and that's where we set our focus.

Before reading further below, try to read our first post on how to fix a Galaxy S3 that freezes and lags.

Galaxy S3 Freezes On Startup

It is more likely that an app or a service is interfering the normal boot up process of the phone but you really can't be sure about that. Thus, you will need to boot up the phone with all third-party applications gone and you can only do that by booting to Safe Mode. Follow the procedure below to boot to Safe Mode:

1.    Turn off the Galaxy S3
2.    Press and hold the Power button until the Samsung logo appears then release.
3.    With the Samsung logo on-screen, press and hold the Volume down key.
4.    Continue to hold the Volume down key until Safe mode appears in the lower-left of the unlock screen then release.

For owners who may have installed a custom ROM, it could be that the package you downloaded and installed on your device was corrupt. So, you need to double-check on that to be sure. Another thing would be the GApps; the package might be obsolete that it's not compatible with the firmware. The best thing to do is reinstall both the firmware and GApps then clear the dalvik cache.  

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Texting

If you're quite a texter, then you may have accumulated thousands of messages already. The thing about the Samsung Galaxy S3's stock messaging app is that the messages are threaded and they are arranged in such a way that owners can easily determine the order of the messages sent and received. This is the reason why a thread with more than 50 messages may take a little while to load. Now, imagine having hundreds of messages in there!

Basically, this problem occurs when the messaging app is launched and used for texting and this is where you set your focus. The first best thing to do is delete old messages or import them to be saved somewhere else. This way, it would be faster for the messaging app to load a few messages.

In case the problem persists, the second best thing to do is clear the app's cache and data, although you may lose some settings but not your messages.

Galaxy S3 Freezes On Facebook

If you spend a lot of time "Facebooking" on your Galaxy S3, you may have experienced having to wait for several minutes for the app to load. There was once a time when the problem was with the app so you better check if there are new updates for the Facebook app.

The app would also cause random freezing on the Galaxy S3 when you have so many photos that needed to be synced with Facebook. If this was the case, disable automatic sync so that the app will not automatically upload your photos unless you tell it so.

Lastly, the Facebook app you also cause some performance problems when you have a lot of apps that use Facebook's sharing service. The best example of these kinds of apps are games since gamers are encouraged to show off their achievements. A simple clearing of the app's cache and data would solve the problem, although you will have to pass through the ordeal of setting up your account on your phone again.

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Copying Texts

There was a well-known bug before that's causing the problem but it has already been addressed and resolved with the most recent updates. If you're still experiencing this problem, try to contact your provider or find new firmware updates for your device.

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Copying Files

It is a driver issue. Make sure you have installed all necessary drivers on your computer. Or, you could install Samsung KIES because it comes with all necessary drivers for all Samsung devices. Alternatively, you can just download the specific drivers for your device and install them to your computer.

The phone freezes when copying files to and from your computer because it keeps on disconnecting while the computer keeps on detecting it. That's when the function that supposedly simple becomes complicated.

Galaxy S3 Freezes After Boot

This issue is related to the freezes during startup. Based on the emails we received, this problem occurs when the phone was interrupted during the update / firmware installation process. More likely, corrupt firmware is behind all this.

A hard reset through the recovery mode could remedy the problem.

For those who prefer to install custom ROMs, reinstallation of the firmware might be needed to bring things back on track again.

Galaxy S3 Freezes then Restarts

It is obviously a performance issue and there could be a lot of underlying cause why this problem occurs. It is recommended owners who are experiencing this problem should close all recently used app by pressing and holding the Home button. Or they could go to Application Manager and close all third-party running apps.

It is also advised to clear the device's memory, clear both the cache and data of the TouchWiz UI (you may lose your Home screens if you do this), and clear dalvik cache for rooted users. However, if all else fail, a factory reset could remedy the problem.

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Charging

It is a very rare problem but it could be attributed to a hardware defect either from the device or the charging unit. It is advised you use the original recharger that comes with the main unit.

To verify if it's the charger that's having some problems, buy a new one or you could borrow from a friend. If it's not the charger, then the main unit should be checked by an authorized technician. Don't attempt to troubleshoot the hardware if you're planning to claim warranty because you might end up voiding it.

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