UK LTE services may go live in the spring of 2013

A friend of mine who is currently working in one of the four big UK carriers told me that all these companies are railroading their infrastructure upgrades. They are also lobbying telecom regulator Ofcom for the revision of spectrum auction rules.

They are proposing that the auction period be streamlined and shorten the time of reallocating the existing spectrum. If this will be realized, tech enthusiasts as well as normal data users would enjoy 4G LTE services starting the spring of 2013 instead of the expected autumn launch.

The status quo is that Ofcom will start taking bids in the first quarter of 2013 and that the winning bidders would start rolling out their services in the fall. Basically, there is a waste of time in the entire duration of the bidding process and all four carriers agreed to shorten it considering LTE services is becoming louder and louder.

Moreover, manufacturers are expected to release their respective LTE-enabled devices in the last quarter. Here in the US, major carriers already rolled out their upgrades and in no time, the American radio space will become congested with ultrafast data highway.

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