Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition now available

The promised Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Developer Edition by Verizon is finally here. For now, there are only two available variants: 16GB which is offered for $599.99 and 32Gb for $649.99. Rumors about this device started way back July after many users complained about locked bootloaders. Surprisingly, Verizon and Samsung have reached an agreement about releasing a developer version of Galaxy S III with unlocked bootloader.

This variant may not have a huge following as with the original version basically, because it does not differ in any way from the original device. Its specs are the same and needless to say its performance. Verizon, however, was so concerned that the main setup of its co-branded device would be messed up if developers attempt to force-unlock the bootloader. According to a Verizon employee, the company was thinking it would be better to provide developers devices that are already unlocked.

This model was specifically designed for hackers and modders but even so, it is released with locked bootloader. Samsung and Verizon, however, said that it is now easier to unlock it. But just so everything is clear, unlocking the bootloader (even for this developer version) would still void the warranty.

Devices with unlocked bootloaders will make them easier to root and run custom apps and ROMs. If you are not into developing your own ROM and apps, you better stick with the original version or just leave the bootloader alone.

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