iPad mini cheaper as thought

The price of the iPad Mini seem leaked through the Media Markt and Saturn in Germany. The iPad Mini would be available from 249 euros.

The prices were discovered in the internal system of the Media Saturn Group in Germany. This is the parent company of the electronics stores Media Markt and Saturn. It emerged last weekend screenshots on the prices of the various Apple iPad Mini versions.

A former employee confirms that the screenshots of the system seem authentic. But he says that employees fairly simple in the local system can adapt. But employees of Saturn later confirmed that prices in the decentralized system can be found.

If the screenshots of the system are real, the iPad Mini available from 249 euros. That is a little lower than is generally thought. It was suspected that the iPad Mini around 300 euros should take. With the starting price of 249 euro Apple can compete with the cheap tablets from Amazon and Google.

These prices would be:

8GB without 3G  €249
8 GB with 3G €349
16GB without 3G €349
16GB with 3G €449
32GB without 3G €449
32GB with 3G €549
64GB without 3G €549
64GB with 3G € 649

The new iPad Mini could be performed in either white or black. The rumored iPad Mini October 23 and that he comes a few weeks later in stores. Furthermore, the 7.85-inch screen size and a bit thinner than its big brother. Why would the screen less sharp to keep the price down.

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