Motorola Mobility layoff continues as Google expands

Google shared its plan on Thursday, October 4th, about the expanded layoff at Motorola Mobility saying that it has raised its severance cost from $270 million to $300. In August, the company sent 4,000 employees home bringing the checks for their last pay and everyone thought that was the end of it.

A regulatory ruling on Thursday revealed that the web search company said that the previous layoff of Motorola employees would affect “additional geographic regions outside of the U.S.” There were no further details provideD describing where specifically or how many would be sent home this time.

While everyone understands that the layoff of some 4,000 employees, or fifth of Motorola Mobility’s workforce, was a necessary move for Google to bring the company back to profitability, further layoffs would just dub the company as cruel and inconsiderate.

The company hasn’t released the final decision as of yet but it seems like there would be a handful of people that would lose their job as the Google is trying to expand its services and more manpower would be needed in the future. Recent reports indicate the company has just acquired Viewdle.

Still, today may not be the time for any Motorola Mobility employee.


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