New Little King’s Story Review

RPGs. It sounds like a deep, compelling and particularly complex genre, but fortunately js New Little King’s Story for both seasoned RPG freaks like more casual gamers entertaining. Vita is a terrific game richer?

You play in New Little King’s Story as king Corobo that a little country. As befits a king that he can always be citizens committed to things for him to do. That’s an interesting twist to the gameplay, because if you send at one time an army of soldiers, lumberjacks and hunters slightly, while you can stand watching. We like! Obviously this does not happen, because you can as king also draw your sword and therewith level up, just like the citizens who gather around you. The more stuff you find things by the Link-like fashion to smash enemies or kill, the more money you gathers together to build new houses and thereby unlock new professions.

This is very important because if there is a huge tree in the way, then go soldiers or peasants who really do not you chop into pieces. There you ‘Lumberjacks’ (or loggers) required and you have thus first bought the cottage. Only they can chop down a tree and it may just be that that huge chunk of wood in the way of achieving a beautiful new area. In this new version of Little King’s Story is the fact again the intention to build a new kingdom by becoming a piece of land to reclaim samples.

If you have all the pieces in a given area have had, you will come face to face with a boss, like the Onii King who was very angry when he has the illusion that you want to steal his girlfriend. Yes, each area has its own little princess that must be saved and which are guarded by bosses. The Onii King is the first person you meet. Every little bit further his own smaller enemies that challenges you and that goes from mad bulls angry Onii’s. For the people that the first part of the Wii have played these Onii’s known, but for those who do not know it’s black creatures that come in many variations.

Think of it as Koopas from Mario, who always in a new way annoying. One kind always flies up and down, the other jumps towards you and for some it is only just enough to make you run your ruffled. In Onii’s has one a kind rifle in his hands which he fires laser beams, the other runs on stilts or jumps you down to size with a pogostick. Actually applies to almost all enemies that they basically just walk around and can be attacked. However, they always start after a few seconds to steam and not long after that attack where both you and your followers are worse when you stand too close.

The structure of the game is very good. Where you first have to Onii simple and encounters enemies, hour after hour they gained momentum. Also, make sure that you always bring about the same people, because they hit you every time you needed rest up in your castle, lost. Moreover, new in this New Little King’s Story that store anywhere. That’s a relief, because otherwise you had to keep coming back to your castle and if you have some land once appropriated, then a long walk very time consuming. Note: it can not always, but often. There are also road springs where you can plunge into effect just to get back to relax and recharge, making sleep less badly needed.

It is advisable to take your castle to go, because you can Azul right there handy tips. Especially if you just do not know what you’re doing, it’s nice that people like Azul exist. Incidentally, this game is not required of you that you’ve already played the first part, because in the first period you Liam is near to you to explain how it all works. Very useful, because the kingdom is as vast as the opportunities, you will gradually discover.

Discover that you completely at your own pace and you get no complicated menus presented. In this regard, New Little King’s Story really a lite variant within the RPG genre. The rise in level is a simple way just by the skills of the particular profession much use, the battles are not turn based but real time so much action in the game remains and there are not many dialogues in game to find – unless all farmers and country itself naturally appeals.


This also means that the game is very simple? Certainly not. You have a great advantage when your strategic thinking and foresight have given you in your village again and citizens and certain professions to choose which way you need. Route can not be changed, so you’re on your first choice dependent. You can post in the village decide to be a soldier to schools to carpenter.

Each profession has its own outfit, making it recognizable and look very nice. Anyway to get there almost immediately after that New Little King’s Story looks fantastic. Whether you’re in a conversation between two figures sitting or walking around, the game shows the true graphics as you want to see on a handheld. What you will quickly discover that this is a game you want to play all the way through. Ever new enemies that you are not old school turnbased need to fight but real time, and a lot of new stuff to collect money with your villages nicer and better. That is not surprising, because nothing is good enough for a real king of course.


Presentation Score: 9.0

This game takes you by the hand in what to do and has no annoying tutorials. You can immediately find out the store while you learn in a short time all you need to know.

Graphics Score: 8.0

New Little King’s Story looks considerably better than its predecessor on the Wii and on a handheld, we have not often seen better graphics in the RPG genre.

Sound/Audio Score: 7.0

The sounds are fine, but do not expect thundering music or penetrating melodies. The atmosphere is mainly created by the graphics and texts.

Gameplay Score: 8.0

Whether you collect, or fighting in a complete village-loving, in this game you can lose your egg. Because you always bet other professions, the gameplay is not fast monotonous.

Lifetime Score: 8.5

Before you even have managed to save a princess, you are just four hours away. You’re the main story already very long sweet and there are mini-jobs to do to keep you busy.

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