The Future of Online Systems

For each computer includes a control system. Since time immemorial Microsoft dominates the market with Windows, but in addition there are many other operating systems, such as Mac OS X or Linux.

New in the line are called cloud operating systems, where nothing more local stores. The new way of thinking? Or doomed to fail?

Nothing locally

Cloud operating systems like Jolicloud or Chrome OS, are still relatively new. To properly with such systems to work, you have basically always need an Internet connection. Without an Internet connection, you cannot meet your documents or files, because nothing is still stored locally.

A drastic turn compared with the luxury of today’s operating systems where everything is local, but a cloud operating system therefore offers have the luxury that every computer is your home computer. You need not worry that files are lost, and you used programs apply to each computer.

Because everything in the cloud, you do not have to worry whether your computer is fast enough. The operating system confounds most information right from the Internet. All you actually need is a limited local installation to your computer to boot. Because you do not need to install any programs locally, your computer will eventually not even slow down.

Another advantage is the autonomy, if you have a laptop with a cloud operating system.
Since all calculations are done on the Internet, the laptop is very limited load. Therefore there is no need of a computer with solid specifications and the associated price tag. Only when you are heavier tasks such as HD movies and intensive flash games, a slow computer for a bottleneck care.

All online

Many people find it a horrible idea to their operating system in the cloud to place, but this is actually not new. Online storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive ensure that your files are already available everywhere, one of the benefits of a cloud operating system.
That’s why you rarely large local storage capacity. Only the online storage may constrain. Do you want total freedom? Then you should take a look at Bitcasa. They offer unlimited online storage to, for only $ 10 per month.

In the cloud also automatically means “connected to the Internet.” Nowadays you thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G mobile Internet a fairly good coverage, but one hundred percent guarantee you do not. You can such a system for offline use, albeit to a very limited extent. The base is installed locally to boot, but you will soon discover that most apps do not work without an Internet connection.


Cloud systems are also software – or rather apps – needed. The offer is huge, though most simply open a separate browser window with a webpage. The apps are not installed on your computer. So you take all your apps everywhere, and they are instantly available no matter what device you are working.

The flipside of the coin is that few apps available offline. Admittedly, it is not often necessary, but sometimes is it useful. So you want a text example can type in the train, without having to be constantly online. Though you can of course ask whether it is really a cloud operating system is also available offline when everything should be.

The future

An online system has provisionally true existence, but as it is available only to a limited extent. Chrome OS and Jolicloud can function perfectly even on slow and old computers, but certain processes such as HD quality video and games require still a decent, fast processor. Online systems will be really interesting if all calculations done on the internet.

A good example of this evolution is OnLive, a cloud service that allows you games without expensive hardware a wide range of games to play. Thanks to high performance servers, spread across the globe, you can play flawlessly through a tiny box that you depend on your television. The only thing you need for this application, a fast Internet connection. Since all calculations are done on servers instead of on your local device, all data should your Internet connection can handle.

In this way, in fact any tablet, laptop, television or even smartphone a powerful computer, the Internet, but fast enough.

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