How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 that Runs Very Slow


One of the most common problems Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners are facing is the deterioration of the performance of their device. Galaxy Note 2 has the tendency to slow down a bit after a few months of use. Some users may notice it and some cannot. One of the most common symptoms is the lag. Here are two of the problems GN2 owners might experience.

Problem 1: I don’t know what happened to my GN2 but it runs very slow now. It takes forever to load messages or launch apps.  

Problem 2: My Note II always hangs or freezes and some apps stop working unexpectedly. It happen all of the sudden after I reboot it one time. 

Solution: Over time, even the most powerful smartphone can become slow due to accumulation of cached data in the memory. There are also times that apps develop conflict with the operating system and one of the reasons why it happens is because of corrupt data.

Problems number 1 and 2 are actually similar and they can be fixed by the same solution. I don’t have anything against Samsung’s TouchWiz UI but more often, it is the cause of the lags, hangs and freezes. TouchWiz affects all aspects in the phone and when it develops a conflict with the system, all functionalities will be affected including third-party apps.

To know if it really causes the problem, try clearing its data: go to Settings => Applications Manager => TW => Clear Data. Most of the times, this step can resolve the lags and freezes.

For apps that stop working, you also need to clear their data one-by-one after you’ve cleared TouchWiz’s or, try finding updates for them. You can uninstall and re-install them if problems persist.

After doing the above steps and still you’re not satisfied with the performance of your Galaxy Note 2, try clearing the memory;
  1. Touch and hold the Home button.
  2. Choose Task Manager.
  3. Touch “End All” to force stop all running applications.
  4. Touch RAM tab.
  5. Tap on Clear Memory button.
The last resort would Factory Reset.


Maybe I should have known this would happen... but when clearing TouchWiz data, all your app shortcuts will be wiped out and your home screens will be reset to factory. A warning would have been nice. So be prepared to spend time redoing all these preferences.


I wish I had read Jen Mercer's comment first! Clearing the TouchWiz data really DID speed things up immensely, and immediately. I had forgotten about the clearing RAM option. It seems to me that it didn't work nearly as well in the past as clearing the TouchWiz today did, though. I would recommend screen shots of all your pages before clearing TouchWiz, so that you can put all your icons back where you want them quickly and easily.

Thank you so much for this!!! I feel like my Note 2 is young and beautiful again :-)

~ Beth


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