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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 that Shuts Off Automatically

There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S3 errors and problems reported by users online and one of them is the occasional shutting down of the device with no apparent cause. Many users reported this problem reached its peak shortly after the rollout of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update. According to them, there is no telling it when their phone shuts off and there seemed to be no apparent trigger to such behavior.

Relative to this issue are the cases of some users who reported they also experienced occasional reboots. Their Samsung Galaxy S3 reportedly freezes, shuts down and turns itself on again. It does not happen often but the time it does, it would take a few minutes before users can actually use their device again. That’s a bad shot whenever someone calls you or you’re calling someone; you may be cut off while you are in the middle of the conversation.

Considering this problem occurred after the update, there is a greater possibility it is software-related. Now here are some ways that have been proven to be effective in resolving this issue.

First Solution

  1. When your Galaxy S3 shuts down, take out the battery and let your device sit without a power for 10 minutes. That should be enough to drain some energy stored in its capacitors and semiconductors.
  2. After 10 minutes, re-insert the battery and turn your phone on again. This solution is really that simple but proven effective. So, before you actually do something far more serious with your device due to occasional reboot or shut off, do this solution first and see if it works.

Second Solution

  1. From the Home screen tap on Menu button on the left side of the Home button.
  2. Choose Settings among other options and choose About phone.
  3. Tap on Software Updates to manually initiate search for available updates for your phone. It might just be the thing you need to fix this issue. After all, manufacturers are always listening to their consumers to know what the problems are with their device. In Android, updates are often the carrier of bug fixes.

Third Solution

  1. In case the issue wasn’t resolved with the first two solutions presented above, backup all your important data, settings, SMS messages, etc and get ready to reset your device.
  2. Tap on Menu from the Home screen and choose Settings.
  3. Choose Backup and Reset. You can back your data up using this option or you can do the manual way.
  4. Select Factory Data Reset.
  5. Now tap on Reset Device followed with Delete All.
  6. It may take a few seconds but after that, you need to Reboot your phone to give it a fresh start. Your device has now been restored to its factory state.
If the problem persists after doing all of these solutions, it may be the time you contact your provider to have your device checked by a technician and replaced if necessary. At least, you have exhausted all possible workarounds to solve this problem.


  1. My Samsung s 3 will not charge I put in a new battery I did all the steps of holding pushing buttons I finally got to where it says something about oc volume up to continue volume down to stop I did the continue and I'm back at the green robot that say do not turn off target what do I do now I'm trying everything I've been trying to fix my phone for two days now

  2. The samsung factory battery only has a life of 1-2 years. Go to a private supplier not your provider to replace as the batteries have more juice. Verizon said they tested my battery and it was fine but that it was my hardware. Not the case went to the mall kiosk and purchased a new battery. System reset and working fine.

  3. my S3 shuts down at anything from 45-15% and before that the screen flickers . If it is a baterry broblom then I traied miltiple baterries but the same problom . What dhall I do ?


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