Mozilla Firefox outs new Firefox OS for smartphones

Sounds unbelievable yet it’s definitely for real. Mozilla, a well-recognized entity behind the prevalent Firefox web browser for personal computers is now up for a new venture, challenging the current dominance of iOS and Android as it introduces its very own mobile operating system for smartphones.

Mozilla pressed a preview of its new Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

The new Firefox OS for smartphones is clustered as an open mobile ecosystem designed for different smartphone varieties across the globe. Target markets for the new operating system are those transitioning from the so-called “feature phones” to smartphones, worldwide.

As per cited in initial reports, the first wave of Firefox OS devices are set to roll out this summer, in which they will reach seven countries including Hungary, Montenegro, Brazil, Poland, Venezuela, Serbia, Columbia, Mexico and Spain. Meanwhile, U.S.-based consumers will also get their share of the new Firefox gadgets but they will likely become available later.

Potential Carriers

Of the 18 announced mobile operators, only Sprint is so far, planning to support Firefox OS. The company has been recognized by most Americal cellphone users as an operator roster.

Apps Package

Mozilla is also planning to offer some familiar apps entrenched into a Firefox Marketplace that is set to launch simultaneously with the new Firefox smartphone OS.

Among the potential apps to surface in the list would include AccuWeather, Cut the Rope, Airbnb, SoundCloud, MTV Brasil, Disney Mobile Games, Box, Nokia HERE, EA Games, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, Mozilla will also be allowing users to use an app one time without a need to install it. This will be realized by its future apps on demand. The concept is that by procuring an app on demand, users would be able to find out which contents they want their smartphone to contain.

“We expect to see lots of amazing apps people love built for Firefox OS because more developers are already creating for the Web than for any other platform,” Mozilla Senior Vice President of Products Jay Sullivan said.

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