Samsung Galaxy S4 to surface without S Pen functionality, to retain physical Home button

Contrary to prior speculations, the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely come out this April without the S Pen feature. This year’s fourth iteration of the popular Galaxy S edition is also thought to retain its physical button, which marks the Galaxy series brand.

Pertinent reports claim that Samsung has decided to keep the physical button as the company realizes that Galaxy users do like this feature a lot. Besides, the home button is iconic of the Samsung Mobile brand to date.

Nevertheless, the S Pen-laden Galaxy S4 rumor will be considered a false alarm, according to sources of the Korean publication. Perhaps the company wanted to keep its latest Galaxy device segregated from the Note series with screen sizes bigger enough to handle the stylus functionality. It does makes sense because if Samsung will incorporate such functionality on the S IV, it may tend to override the Note’s target market by then.

Prior to this, insiders said Samsung will bring in touchless gesture functionality to its flagship in April. This had probably caused the people to confuse such an alternative attribute with the S Pen stylus, where in fact, it rather denotes the sensitive screen technology that is thought to allow user interface navigation without touching the screen of the device. This therefore negates the assumptions saying the new Galaxy S variant is a new Note.

The S Pen functionality has been introduced along with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note. It is described as a new input tool designed to obliterate the disadvantages of the old input systems. With the S Pen feature, data input by users will become faster and more accurate than the conventional stylus pens. It works like an actual pen, detecting the applied pressure on the display with great accuracy. With this feature, adding in various S Pen features to user applications will be done easily.

While rumors about the S Pen turn out untrue, the new Galaxy S IV will likely launch with a 4.99″ AMOLED full HD screen. Based on the leaked information, pertinent reports suggest that chipsets for assorted versions might be incorporated.

Among other rumored features to embed in Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship would include a 13-megapixel rear auto-focus camera and a slightly thicker body, probably around 9.2mm. The new Samsung Android gadget will also run on a Jelly Bean platform, and be powered by a quad-core Exynos 5440 chip that is manufactured with a 28nm high-K metal gate technology.

Let’s see if all these will manifest in the new Samsung Galaxy S4 device this April then.

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