Top 5 Free Android apps week 1 of February 2013

There is always something new for every Android phone owners to avail and make use of for free each day. Five of these are subsequently rounded up in this page as the Top 5 Free Android apps for the first week of February 2013. Here they are:

1. Material by Inq – It’s a stylish app and a new rival to other existing social apps including Flipboard, News360 and Zite. This free Android app is designed by Inq Social Mobile for users to conduct online searches easier and quick. Users just have to type in their Facebook or Twitter credentials and leave the rest to Material, to find what users like and search all the things they love. Thus, they can spend less time doing searches and more time to discover new things from new sites to enjoy.

2. NFC by Moo – It’s a new interesting app released by Moo for the current wave of Android phones. It allows users to customize or add data into its upcoming Near Field Communication (NFC) business cards. This app is specifically designed for NFC-enabled Android devices running the Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 or higher. Data for customization would include contact details, URLs, social networking profiles, map links and data from other apps.

3. The Simpsons: Tapped Out by EA – It’s actually a game app for both iOS and Android, developed and published by EA Mobile. It is deemed as a freemium Simpsons game, which first came out in the U.S. and then later became available worldwide. Due to EA’s server issues, the app was temporarily pulled from the iOS App Store, shortly after the iOS launch. After several months of rectification, the app has finally returned to the App Store for free.

4. NewsWhip – It is named among the new Android apps worth downloading. Available at Google Play for free, the NewsWhip app allows users to have access to the biggest news stories from around the world. The app can scan a billion of people on Twitter and Facebook to see which news stories are trending fastest. It works by spotting the stories most people think are worth of sharing and then will serve them as a live stream of the most popular news in the world. NewsWhip can also show users the latest hot topics in ten big countries including the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and India.

5. Die Hard by Fox- It’s the official ‘Die Hard’ game app for Android devices released by Fox Digital Entertainment. It features vivid colors, 3D graphics and immersive world, as per description given by an app reviewer. Starring Die Hard fans’ favorite hero, John McClane, it also feature a slew of other interesting characters, weapons, power ups, outfits and outfits. Die Hard version 1.0 is now available for free download via Google Play Store. It works well with all devices running Android 2.2 and higher versions.

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