Top Five iOS apps for the first week of February 2013


Numbers of new iOS apps are being showcased each day to meet the fast changing and growing demands of iPhone and iPad users. Subsequently listed are five of the new downloadable iOS apps recently released for the Apple market. Some of these apps are available for purchase while others are downloadable for free.

1. 123D Creature – Available for the price of £1.49, Autodesk’s 123D Creature app is designed for users to enjoy sculpting and painting creatures and then export them as images and 3D versions on their devices, particularly the iPads. The concept of this app focuses on modeling digital-clay monsters on their devices and then have them printed in 3D models afterwards. A 3D-printed version can also be ordered from within the app.

2. Kickstarter – This app is specifically designed for iPhone devices by the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. As an official Kickstarter app, it allows users to view what project musicians, artists, game devs, musicians and other creators are working on to raise money for and support them from your phone. And if a project is running out, you can monitor your stats and post updates to your supporters from the iPhone device as well.

3. One Direction Scrapbook - This is another free app, specifically intended for One Direction fanatics. This iOS app is thought to become even more popular given the booming fame of the British boy band One Direction to date. With this app, users can have a digital scrapbook to attach in photos of One Direction, customize them using their own pictures and messages, and then finally, share on social networks. It is available for both the iPhone and iPad devices.

4. Sound Uncovered – It is described as a playful and innovative app for all users of the iPad, regardless of age. Launched by San Francisco’s Exploratorium, this app allows users to make use of “auditory illusions, acoustic phenomena, and other things that go bump, beep, boom, and vroom”. Users of this app will also be able to explore various sounds from growling saxophones to noisy gum-chewing. Sound Uncovered is available for download without any cost.

5. Tempo Smart Calendar – This is a free app available in the U.S. for now. It is created at the company behind Apple’s Siri technology, SRI. It is described as a mobile calendar app that is capable of pulling in emails, as well as locations and contacts to user’s plans. It also provides directions, documents and LinkedIn profiles to users. This app is also able to send an apologetic “running late” texts and emails.

These are just five of the many new and notable apps released for iOS devices as of the first week of February 2013. More exciting new apps are now available for download via Apple App Store.

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