Most Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy S3, How to solve them [Part 2]

Problems on Audio and Microphone

There have been quite a number of issues concerning Samsung Galaxy S3 audio and microphone since the gadget hit the market. Some owners were complaining about having a hard time hearing the other person while on call while others, in extreme cases, couldn’t totally hear a thing from the other end. It also turned out later that some early adopters have reported problems with the Galaxy S3 microphone.

Glitches on the speakerphone function have been one of the most common complaints among the S3 owners. Many have also been noticing that the signal strength quickly dropped from every call.

In an effort to fix all these issues, Samsung has released a firmware update that guaranteed every S3 user should no longer be experiencing these problems anymore. Having this said, any further issue that would exist after the firmware update will likely be due to some settings misconfiguration, blockage, or perhaps, has something to do with the noise reduction feature.

Here are some possible solutions for audio and microphone problems with Samsung Galaxy S3:

1. While restarting can fetch momentary solution, a permanent fix is always better. To start with, check the phone settings by going to Settings menu and then Accessibility option. Be sure to uncheck Turn off all Sounds.

2. After verifying the Turn off all Sounds checkbox is unchecked, go to Settings and then check the Sound option. Be sure to set volume levels to the appropriate level. Also make sure to turn on the sound.

3. If you are experiencing more echoes and/or unclear calls, go to the Phone->Menu->Call Settings and then Additional Settings. The Noise Reduction option under it must be unchecked or turned off.

4. Also make sure nothing is blocking the microphone hole. Try to double check nothing is stuck in the microphone hole at the bottom edge of your handset. Cleaning the hole is also an option but do it carefully. It is recommended to blow it out first by means of compressed air.

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 have reported rectification on audio and/or microphone issues by employing the aforesaid solutions. Hope it will work on your end, too. Otherwise, contact S3 or your carrier’s tech support for further assistance.


my s3 mic and speaker not working when I do normal call by GSM..But when I call from viber or skype its wworking...what will I do??


My S3 cuts off all audio playback after about a minute. Recordings, songs - exactly the same. It's very frustrating - can anybody help please?


My s3 micro and speaker not working when i do a norlal call but when i call from viber or whatsapp its working whyye ??


Help me bro same problem my phone. ..


The noise reduction uncheck solved it for me!


hi, yo got any solution or not?


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