Apple iPhone 5: Common Problems, Workarounds/Solutions [Part 1]


Apart from the buggy Maps app, many iPhone 5 users also have encountered some other problems with their devices, especially after updating the device software to iOS 6.1. What we are going to tackle in this page are what users complain about the most.

1. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Excessive Battery Drain and Overheating Issue

There have been quite a number of iPhone 5 users complaining about the battery draining fast, as well as overheating of the battery surface. Most of these users started to encounter the problem after upgrading to the latest iOS 6.1 update that rolled out on January 28th. Apple then released another fix patch with its iOS 6.1.2 update, but doing yet another upgrade still failed to resolve the underlying battery issue.

If you are one of those having the same problem with iPhone 5 battery life draining fast, you may try any of the following workarounds listed below:

a. Switch email settings to manual instead of automatic fetch.

On your device, go to Settings menu, then select Mail. Under the Mail option, locate and select Contacts and Calendars. Navigate and select Fetch New Data, then turn push to OFF. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, locate and select MANUALLY. Applying this setting configuration will let you get new emails only when you activate the email app. Some of the reported battery drain issues have been tied to automatic emailing set-ups with Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange.

Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange are causing the problem?

It then turns out that iOS 6.1 update is throwing up some twisted meetings that cause the device to get into a sync loop. When this happens, excessive transaction log growth on Exchange mailbox servers will emerge. Transaction log drives as well as Exchange performance issues are thought to cause the device to run out of disk space. This is likely the basis of Apple support for regarding excessive battery drain on its iPhone 5 as an isolated problem.

b. DO a hard reset on the device.

Generally, many smartphone problems would be resolved by simply doing a hard reset on the device. This too may work with the iPhone 5’s battery drain issue. Based on prior reports, other iPhone 5 owners found the solution to excessive battery drain problem by simply doing a hard reset. To do a hard reset on your iPhone 5, simply hold down the Lock and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the device restarts.

Other available workarounds that would help save battery life on iPhone 5:

a. Adjust/reduce default brightness settings. To do this, go to the Settings menu, then select Brightness & Wallpaper option to adjust brightness settings.

b. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb services when not in use.

c. Turn the LTE service OFF if 4G LTE service is not available. To do so, go to the Settings menu and select General. Locate and select Cellular option from General menu items and then set the ENABLE LTE option to OFF.

d. Turn off unnecessary Notifications like Mail, Game center, Passbook, Photos, Stock widget, Weather widget, and Reminders.

e. Turn off Location Service if not in use

In some cases, other iPhone 5 users having excessive battery drain issue suggest to do a reset on the network settings as it also helps in saving battery life on their devices. To reset network settings on iPhone 5, go to Settings->General->Reset-> and then select REST NETWORK SETTINGS.

If all the aforesaid workarounds won’t do any good to your case, then perhaps the best thing to do is to wait until Apple releases the next software fix patch.
More iPhone 5 problems with possible solutions and workarounds will soon be posted on this site, so better stay tuned.

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