Rumor: Microsoft plans to enter smart watch industry

Actually, it’s a re-entrance already. In 2002, Microsoft did unveil its first smart wrist watch product, tagged as the SPOT or Smart Personal Object Technology. But shortly after its publication, the software giant has decided to pull the SPOT out because of its dreary performance. And now, rumors about Microsoft’s latest plan of introducing yet another smart watch product are once again spreading fast.

After creating an impression in the hardware industry with its first hardware flagship Surface tablet, Microsoft is now attempting to become a player in the smart watch market and join the other tough rivals like Google, LG, Apple and Samsung. Information about Microsoft’s latest scheme was first disclosed by the Wall Street Journal on its Sunday post.

Reportedly, the Redmond, Washington Company has started working on a touch screen watch design earlier this year. In line with this, Microsoft has purportedly requested components for a watch-like device from Asian suppliers.

Apart from telling the time, the new smart watches are also expected to roll out with variety of other features and applications.

Besides venturing in to the smart watch industry, Microsoft is also said to be designing sports glasses, for users to wear at concerts and/or sporting events. These glasses are also expected to disclose information like an Augmented Reality browser.

Microsoft must have been realizing that its PC business is now constantly declining and is about to be completely eclipsed by the reigning smartphones and tablets. Its latest OS flagship Windows 8 is also not posting a significant boost on company sales, so far.

Pertinent reports statistics revealed that PC shipments as of the first quarter of 2013 only totaled to 76.3, million units. It is 13.9 percent less than the same quarter of last year. The decline even appeared to be a lot worse than the analyst firm’s prior forecast at 7.7 percent.

Seeing all these threats, Microsoft is now trying to make a patent change, as first manifested by the launching of its very own Surface tablets. However, the tablet doesn’t seem to impress the global tablet consumers as it didn’t really posted a significant impact by the fourth quarter of 2012. Apparently, Microsoft was and is still having a hard time getting more Surface tablet users because of the current dominance of Samsung and Apple.

It has been forecasted late last year that wearable smart electronics will likely boom by 2016. It is then expected to emerge as a $10 billion industry by then. Seeing this as an opportunity is likely what triggers Microsoft to give such business a try.

Microsoft has yet to confirm all these rumors though.

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